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Devil’s Bluff, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #8B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45759-2
June 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Devil’s Bluff, Texas – Present Day

Nora Keller’s best friend is marrying Colter Ward, but it’s the brother, Beau, who has her eye. He was recently named Texas’s Sexiest Bachelor and has attracted a lot of attention. Nora wants to bed Beau for a no strings attached fling. She is on a quest to get over her last boyfriend, the one who had basically ghosted her, and figures Beau can exorcise her ex from her mind. It must be him, not her, right? Nora has never formally met Beau, but between the articles written about him and a phone conversation they had, she’s intrigued. So, using the upcoming wedding as an excuse, Nora heads to Beau’s remote cabin where’s he staying. Unfortunately (or not), a tropical storm is bearing down on them.

Beau ends up rescuing Nora after her tire blew, but the storm pounding the area around them has made it impossible for her to leave. She makes it clear to him that she wants him, and he’s happy to oblige. She also offers to help him get rid of the nasty reporters who are hanging around Devil’s Bluff. He is a widowed father with a young son that he doesn’t want to see hurt. So that means Beau and Nora have to be discreet once they return to his ranch. 

The instant they met face to face in STRANDED WITH A COWBOY, Nora and Beau had the hots for each other. He gladly took what she offered but both agreed that once the wedding is over their fling will end. But Nora proves to be a good person and one that Beau isn’t sure he wants to leave. He has been hounded by reporters who see sensationalism in not only his tabloid status as a hot bachelor, but the fact that his wife is dead. Nora eagerly offers to help run them off. She also gets along with his young son, so readers wonder if there is any chance that she will stay in town. It’s not like she has a job to return to. Her plans are to move to France after the wedding.

STRANDED WITH A COWBOY is a sexy tale with likable characters in Beau and Nora. She is there to get her best friend’s wedding to Colter done, but it soon turns out she’s building a relationship with the brother. There’s a lot to like about this tale, but it’s the concept and the characters that ratchet up the fun factor. STRANDED WITH A COWBOY is a breezy read and will keep you glued to the pages. Add in the sexy hijinks between Nora and Beau, plus their instant chemistry, then it’s a tale that I highly recommend. 

Patti Fischer

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