Prince Charlie's Angels, Book One
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 9781728200323 ,
July 2020
Historical Fiction

Scottish Highlands - 1745

Jenny Mackintosh has managed to guide her fellow clansmen away from English dragoons more than once, but now that her brother, Hamish, the new Laird has thrown his support to the Loyalists, she is in more danger. Jenny is an avowed Jacobite, as were her father and grandfather. With Hamish on the English side, Jenny and the Mackintosh clansmen who follow her are preparing for the arrival of Prince Charles. She and her men have been accumulating guns, ammunition, and other weapons to support the cause. But she had not accounted for meeting up with Toran Fraser.

Toran has been working with the English, specifically Captain Thomas Boyd, who convinced Toran that it was the mysterious Mistress J. who had brutally murdered Toran's mother, and then sent him her battered body in a coffin. However, now, while in an English stronghold, Toran's cousin Archie has been captured along with other Frasers, and Boyd is getting ready to hang them all. As much as Toran considers himself a Loyalist, he also doesn't want his cousin to die, so he manages to convince Boyd to let him question Archie, but then escapes with him into the Highlands. Heading back to their lands, though, they are captured by Jenny and her men.

Far from convinced that Toran is a Jacobite, Jenny still must keep everyone safe. Their farm facade where the Mackintosh clan has been hiding men and weapons is nearly discovered by the English, so Jenny is forced to take her two prisoners and all of her men and supplies back to her home. 

Is Jenny Mistress J? How can Toran trust the person who murdered his mother? Will he discover the truth? How can he have feelings for this mysterious woman or trust her? She obviously doesn't trust him!

THE REBEL WEARS PLAID is Book One of Prince Charlie's Angels. Set in the times of the last Jacobite rebellion, readers learn of how perilous it was to oppose the English. Historical detail includes the vicious treatment of the Scots by the red coats, as well as the background of who Prince Charles was, and why he deserved the title of the Bonnie Prince. Toran and Jenny are just two small cogs in the underground preparation for the prince's arrival. 

An exciting, yet romantic tale, THE REBEL WEARS PLAID is a great start to a new series.

Jani Brooks