EVER MY LOVE Lynn Kurland
A Jove Book
ISBN: 978-0-515-15616-4
April 2017
Time Travel Romance

Scotland Today and 14th Century

Emma Baxter leaves Seattle and travels to Scotland to start anew. She's broken off with her controlling boyfriend, her business is in shambles, and she doesn't want to rely on her parents, who made it clear they're disappointed in her. Settling in to a rather dreary inn in the village of Benmore in the Highlands, Emma wearily hopes that her dreams of Scotland magically changing her life will come true. When she visits the local market, she overhears three women discussing hunting down the town's mysterious, handsome, and very rich hermit. Emma is curious, but not enough to pursue the story. The market owner regales her with tales of magic in the woods surrounding the village, and gives Emma an odd map to help her find her way around the area.

Nathaniel MacLeod is in a strange situation. One day he is happily enjoying his cottage in the woods near Benmore, and the next minute he's in fourteen century Scotland fighting the Fergussons. Then he's back in his own century. A certain year is what seems to trigger his transition to the past, but for the last five years he's not been able to understand why.

The magical stories have intrigued Emma, and she takes a ride outside the village, then wanders into the woods. Hearing clanging and voices, she stumbles upon two clans, clad in kilts and waving realistic swords, fighting in a clearing. One clansman staggers out of the mist to face her. Emma just stares at the gloriously handsome man before her, despite the fact that he seems to be covered in blood, heard him swear, then she turned and ran. It wasn't until she finally shakily reached the inn and was in her room that she realized she'd lost her phone. What had she just seen? And who was that gorgeous Scot?

Emma finds out who that man is when she meets Nathaniel MacLeod. But that is only after she is befriended by two American wives wed to locals who convince her to stay in the local laird's cottage, which happens to be near the woods where the clansmen were seen, and where Nathaniel maintains his cottage. And that's when things really begin to get strange.

As I say with every Lynn Kurland book I've read, they are very difficult to put down, so don't start this one late at night. EVER MY LOVE is yet another of the beautifully written, thoroughly enjoyable time travels that Kurland is known for. Characters from previous books wander in and out of each story, and this one is no exception. The mysterious part is why is Nathaniel being forced to keep returning to the past, and how is Emma able to see into that era? The answers are explained and the conclusion is very satisfying.

Do not miss EVER MY LOVE

Jani Brooks