The Art of Seduction , Book 1
Harlequin Blaze #818
ISBN: 978-0-373-79822-3
October 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City and Stockton, Connecticut – Present Day

Sexy superstar actor Nick Damone needs a career boost after it stalls, so his agent suggests he take on a Broadway role in an edgy play from a new playwright. With the promise of a role in a new Spielberg picture if he does the play first, Nick agrees and flies to New York to meet with the people behind the play. To his surprise, the playwright turns out to be Holly Nelson, now H.N. Ryan. Holly was the girl in high school who encouraged his dreams of acting, but she doesn't appear to be too happy to see him.

After a disastrous marriage to an abusive man, Holly isn't looking to get involved with anyone right now, especially a womanizer like Nick Damone. She had a crush on him in high school, but he wouldn't look her way, but suddenly, he wants to start something with her. He gets his way, and a wicked afternoon in his hotel room should be the end of things, but when mysterious “accidents” lead the police to suggest they move the play out of New York, they relocate to their hometown in Stockton. Holly wants to keep their relationship on a strictly business level, but Nick seems determined to keep her in his bed.

Regina Kyle takes us behind the scenes of theater with her debut novel, TRIPLE THREAT. Both Nick and Holly started out in the same small town in Connecticut, but since then their lives have diverged. Nick went onto Hollywood stardom and can have his pick of any beautiful woman. Holly married a man who tried to destroy her verbally, until his rage became physical. This didn't break her spirit, though, as she wrote a play detailing an abusive relationship. Now she has the chance to bring it to the big stage, but the production appears to be filled with bad luck…from a food poisoning incident to having the New York City theater hit by an arsonist. A move to Stockton should help, right? Not for Holly's peace of mind, especially when her parents invite Nick to move in with them and Holly for the duration. How can Holly resist the temptation sleeping across the hall from her? If Nick has his way, she won't.

While TRIPLE THREAT is a sexy read, much of this tale centers on Nick and Holly circling around each other as she tries to ward off falling for his seductive powers. He isn't aware, at first, what she went through with her ex, as she keeps him at arm's length. She thought he wasn't going to take on the role in her play and figured an afternoon delight with him would leave her with wonderful memories about him. Alas, for her, Nick wants the edgy role in the play, and wants to work very closely with her.

Along with the intriguing premise of being set in the theater world, there's sizzling dialogue and even sexier love scenes and makes TRIPLE THREAT a triple terrific tale that readers shouldn't miss. Grab this one and give it a try.

Patti Fischer