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Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2929
ISBN: 978-1-335-58168-6
March 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Wedding dress designer Keely Tucker is in Royal to design the wedding gown of a movie starlet and is learning a little bit about the area in order to incorporate it into the dress. Shortly after she arrives, a blackout that is predicted to last for several days throws her plans into disarray. The bride, who is out of town, recommends that she stay in the cabin behind the home of rancher Jacob Chatman, a friend of the groom. He has power and she needs to work on the wedding dress. Seems like a plan too good to pass up.

Jacob doesn’t want some strange woman to invade his life, but he does give in to his friend’s suggestion. The moment he spots Keely, he’s attracted. However, Jacob has been determined to spend his life without romantic entanglements. Will that change considering the attraction he has for Keely? Maybe a little hanky panky while she’s visiting Royal? When the power on his property goes out, it leads to Jacob offering Keely to move into his house. Soon, they are indulging in a little fun in the bedroom. But once she has completed the dress and makes plans to leave, will he think of ways to keep her in his bed?

Keely came to Royal to do a job but ends up finding her Mr. Right in DESIGNS ON A RANCHER. Getting the chance to do the wedding dress of a superstar couple is something she can’t turn down, even if it means traveling to Texas. Keely didn’t expect that her job would be harder after a city-wide blackout. Thankfully, the gruff, but handsome, cowboy has a place for her to stay. But there’s no denying the attraction between them, and after they give in to it, the passion is something that she will never forget. He treats her like a princess, but also like an equal. They are perfect together. However, she plans to return to New York City once her job is over. His life is on a Texas ranch. Can they somehow make it work?

Jacob’s dedication to his work is admirable, but he leaves little for a romantic life, preferring to have one-night stands. But Keely soon means more to him than a temporary fling. They enjoy being around each other, and their chemistry sizzles so much that others can see it. But will they even try making a life together? At this point, it seems impossible that they can. A compelling and sensual read don’t miss DESIGNS ON A RANCHER.

Patti Fischer


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