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Devereaux Inc, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #24A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45786-8
November 2023

LGBTQ+ Romance

New York City – Present Day

After being in France for a couple of years, Stephan Devereaux-Smith returns to New York City to be near his favorite uncle, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness with only a few months to live. One evening, Stephan returns home after a grueling day and is nearly run over by a dog escaping from its owner. The dog belongs to Nevaeh Jimenez, a little girl, but it’s her father, Carter, who catches Stephan’s eye. After being burned one too many times, Stephan is hesitant to start a new relationship, but he’s attracted to Carter, who happens to be his new neighbor. Of course, because Stephan comes from a gilded and well-known family in New York City, he leaves out the Devereaux part of his name until he knows that he can trust Carter.

Carter used to be a popular actor in Hollywood but left that lifestyle behind him after the tragic death of his wife. He will do anything to protect Nevaeh, and like Stephan, he doesn’t reveal too much about his past. The two men are soon connecting, and the truth about each other acts like a barrier between them, though Stephan soon recognizes Carter. Unknown to each other, there is another link between them. Stephan knows that he will need to reveal his true last name, especially since Carter is helping him plan a “last Christmas” party for his uncle.

SECRET HEIR FOR CHRISTMAS is the first gay romance that Harlequin Desire has published, and it provides readers with two likable men who have spent a large part of their lives under a microscope and now only wish for anonymity. The last romance Stephan had ended with him being blackmailed by his lover. This has forced him to keep a low profile, but the terminal illness of his uncle has him back in New York City. Carter is still close to his mother-in-law, and she is supportive of his new romance with Stephan. But his first priority is keeping Nevaeh safe and away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. His daughter adores Stephan, so that is a plus. 

Both Stephan and Carter struggle with their feelings for each other. Right now, they have other things going on, but they manage to find time together. It’s clear to readers that they could build on their relationship and make a future together, but there is that pesky little matter of learning to trust each other with the truth. How will that work out? An intriguing tale of instant attraction leading to a possible life together, don’t miss SECRET HEIR FOR CHRISTMAS.

Patti Fischer

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