A River Ranch Novel
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-22428-6
November 2019
Contemporary Romance

River Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Wall Street businessman Cody Ford returns home for Christmas to his family's Texas ranch. It's not a trip he's been looking forward to because the memories of his mother's illness and death still haunt him. Now his father has cancer, so Cody has to at least spend time with the old man while he can. Arriving at the ranch, Cody discovers the woman caring for his father is none other than his old high school sweetheart, Lexi Murphy. She is now a single mom of a young boy, Harry, and her mother is currently in an Alzheimer's facility in town. Lexi isn't interested in rekindling her teenage romance with Cody, mostly because she's still mad at him for dumping her without an explanation, but also because she has no time. The facility her mom's in has been served with notice that it's been sold in order to make room for the construction of houses. Yet, despite Lexi's avowal that she doesn't want to get involved with Cody, her resolve is soon broken. Then, she learns who bought the facility her mom is in…

It takes Cody a while in ONCE UPON A COWBOY CHRISTMAS to realize how badly his mother's death affected him. Since he left home, he's avoided coming back because he didn't want to face the memories, but now with his father's own illness, he makes the time. He didn't intentionally mean to hurt Lexi when he left by leaving without explanation, but he thought it'd be best there not be a lingering goodbye. Meanwhile, Lexi's bad luck at men continued when the man she married decided he didn't want to be a father and left her alone with their son. With Cody back in town temporarily, she wishes she didn't have to be around him, but she needs the money, though she loves caring for the older man. Can she avoid the temptation Cody brings and not end up in bed with him?

Cody and Lexi are a couple in conflict over how they deal with both the past and present. Will Cody finally come to grips with his mother's death? How will Lexi deal with the news that someone she thought she could trust is responsible for making her mother lose her home? It won't be easy to find another facility to care for her, which means Lexi will have to leave the town she grew up in. Her son Harry soon grows attached to Cody, and that means trouble for Lexi in trying to keep the man at arm's length. Christmas is around the corner. How will Lexi, Cody and the whole Ford family celebrate? Will it be together?

A tale of rekindled love and learning to deal with the past will have readers rooting for Lexi and Cody in ONCE UPON A COWBOY CHRISTMAS. It's a sizzling romance with a hearty dash of emotion. Don't miss this sexy Christmas tale.

Patti Fischer