Switched! - Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2682
ISBN: 978-1-335-60384-5
August 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

The night that Morgan Steele learns that she might have been switched at birth, her ex-husband, River Atkinson, waltzes back into her life. Ten years ago, River and Morgan were college sweethearts who eloped, but the morning after, her father dragged her away and demanded they annul the marriage. That period of time is still painful for her, and seeing River again dredges up the old history…and the desire that still pulses between them. Unfortunately, Morgan will have to work with River on a housing project. Soon it's clear there is still an attraction between them—and they can't resist kissing—so she agrees to a summer long affair that will end when she returns to her home in Washington, DC.

For River, he never forgot Morgan but admits they were probably too young to marry. Her father offered him a large sum of money to walk away, which he chose to take. This becomes a bone of contention between them in FROM RICHES TO REDEMPTION as Morgan is under the impression that River initiated the request for money. How will she react when she realizes it was her father? Meanwhile, Morgan is dealing with the news that she is likely not a Steele due to the baby switching. It appears, at least for her sake, that the parents she once wondered if they had adopted her, love her no matter what. The other woman switched at birth, Jade Nolan, whose story was told in the first book FROM MISTAKE TO MILLIONS, is now dealing with the aftermath of her kidnapping. Will the people responsible for the switch be found? To better understand how Jade learned she was switched, it might help to pick up FROM MISTAKE TO MILLIONS first to read.

While Morgan goes into her affair with River with an idea that it will end when their job together does, he wonders if they can have a future together. But she is hiding a secret from him, one that may rip them apart. Morgan tries to hide it, but will she be able to in FROM RICHES TO REDEMPTION? Her father has always wanted what he thought was best for her, but is he too overprotective?  Does Morgan unite with her real parents?

This is an emotional tale right from the beginning as Morgan grapples with not only learning she was switched but also coming face to face with River. Will she be willing to face the past and fix things with River in order to pave the way for a future together?  FROM RICHES TO REDEMPTION is the second book in the Switched! series but it appears there will be more stories in the form of Morgan's brothers. But at least readers get closure for Morgan's and Jade's problems, as both women end up finding their happily-ever-afters. Don't miss FROM RICHES TO REDEMPTION for a compelling read.   

Patti Fischer