Harlequin Desire #2709
ISBN: 978-1-335-20885-9
January 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

Sawyer Steele is attending his sister's wedding reception when a woman he's never met before comes up to him and slaps him in the face. After recovering from the shock, he learns that the woman is Kat McIntyre and she's pregnant—and claims it's his. However, Sawyer is a twin and he realizes that it must be his brother, Finn, who impregnated her while pretending to be him. Finn is currently in China on business, so he can't take immediate responsibility. It's Sawyer who takes control of the situation, letting Kat know who the real culprit is and contacting his brother to start making amends. But Sawyer discovers that he's become attracted to Kat. How can he be falling for the woman who is going to have his brother's baby? And that Sawyer has control over Kat's future, because the Steele company owns the building where she sells her works and they have plans to tear it down.

Kat is an artist and is facing the loss of the place where she and other artists display their works for sale. The Steele Corporation plans to shut it down and Kat is determined to stop them. One night a few months ago, she went to a party for the sole purpose of talking to Sawyer Steele. One thing led to another and they ended up having a one-night stand and she ends up pregnant. She decided to confront the bastard at the wedding, and when she spotted him with his date, she saw red and lashed out at him. To her horror, she soon discovers that she in fact slept with Finn. Getting to know Sawyer, she quickly finds herself attracted to him. While they wait for Finn to return (the guy isn't too concerned about coming back), they spend lots of time together, soon ending up in bed. Kat wants to marry her baby's father, but is she going to marry the wrong man?

FROM SEDUCTION TO SECRETS is a bit of an unusual tale because the heroine is pregnant with one man's baby and ends up in love with his twin brother. Neither Kat nor Sawyer knew each other, though they were aware of one another due to the conflict over the art center. Sawyer is appalled at what his brother did, mainly because he didn't like the idea of his twin bedding a woman pretending to be him. Can't really blame him. Once Kat realizes the mistake, she should have turned around and walked away, but she can't. She has a need for family stability and that means wanting to marry the father of her child despite not being in love with him. Yes, her values are old-fashioned, but that is due to the way she was raised. Will she get what she wants, or will Sawyer step in to “save the day” and provide a future for Kat…and his brother's child?

Sawyer and Kat have a complicated relationship and it's one that readers will be interested to see how it all works out. A compelling and emotional tale you won't want to miss, be sure to grab a copy of FROM SEDUCTION TO SECRETS.

Patti Fischer