RAGS TO RICHES BABY – Andrea Laurence
Millionaires of Manhattan , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2572
ISBN: 978-1-335-97132-6
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Lucy Campbell worked several years caring for an older lady who was a multimillionaire. After the woman dies, Lucy learns that she's inherited the bulk of her estate. The family, especially CEO Oliver Drake, isn't happy about it and accuses Lucy of swindling his aunt. He threatens to tie Lucy up in court for years, so she is left in limbo, unable to plan her life, which includes finishing her college degree. However, Oliver doesn't just stop with hiring a lawyer, he makes it a point to get to know Lucy, perhaps to trap her into confessing she tricked his aunt. But neither expected the sparks of desire that flare between them.

Oliver's family has already experienced one gold digger who nearly bankrupt his father, and he's going to do whatever it takes to prevent Lucy from doing the same. But he can't deny there is an attraction. Things heat up between them, and he figures he can give into it and get the chance to dig further into whatever her motives might be. But the unexpected passion he experiences with Lucy has him wanting more. Did he make a mistake in believing that she's out to steal from his family?

The truth of the matter is that Lucy is a sweet, caring person who grew to be fond of her employer, and the feeling was mutual. Oliver's family is rich, so it isn't like they need more money. It's all about the principle of the thing and thinking that Lucy squirreled her way into Aunt Alice's good graces—and her will. In RAGS TO RICHES BABY, Lucy and Oliver start out locked in as adversaries when she is the lucky recipient of his aunt's estate. Yet, there's this sizzling awareness between them that surprises them. Oliver, at first, went after Lucy to try and catch her in her lies, but soon he can't stop being around her because he likes her. Unfortunately, his father's unhappy experience with another woman muddies the perceptions he's formed about Lucy.

The fiery hot passion between Oliver and Lucy soon lead to an affair. Once the legal issues are resolved, it's likely they'll never see one another again as Lucy plans to attend college in Vermont.  Just as Oliver wonders if he's made a mistake about Lucy, things change. Will he have to do a lot of groveling once he realizes his mistake?

RAGS TO RICHES BABY is part of the  Millionaires of Manhattan  series by Andrea Laurence, but each book can be read as standalone. Watch Lucy and Oliver fall passionately in love as they battle over money. An enjoyable tale, grab a copy of RAGS TO RICHES BABY.

Patti Fischer