Millionaires of Manhattan , Book 8
Harlequin Desire #2622
ISBN: 978-1-335-97182-1
October 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City and Ireland – Present Day

To Harper Drake's friends, she's a rich, pampered heiress. But in reality, she's broke. Due to the terms her grandfather put into her late mother's trust, she was given two million dollars when she turned eighteen and has to show by the time she turns thirty that she can manage money or she will lose the rest of her inheritance. On the cusp of her thirtieth birthday, she's sweating out the days until she can claim the money. Bumping into billionaire Sebastian West one day, Harper jumps on an opportunity to use him as her “plus one” for the destination wedding of one of her best friends. Can she hide from him that she's not really a rich heiress? But then someone starts blackmailing Harper, threatening to expose her to family and friends. Will she turn to Sebastian for help?

Sebastian recently had a minor heart attack and is on strict orders not to show up for work at the research company he owns with a friend. He's intrigued by Harper, especially after seeing her buy some clothes, then turn around minutes later and return them. What's up with her? When Harper asks him to come with him to Ireland, he figures why not, since he can't work. But will sharing a room—and a bed—lead to something neither expects?

Once Harper lost the initial two million dollars, she had to grow up and learn to budget. But she hasn't come clean with her friends, or her family, because if her grandfather finds out he'll not give her the remaining money. Her ex-boyfriend left emotional scars on Harper after he cheated on her. He's now engaged to someone else, and they also will be attending the wedding. There's no way she can come to Ireland without a man on her arm. Sebastian just happens to be in the area when she runs into her ex and she blurts out that he is her boyfriend. Neither Harper nor Sebastian blink an eye at the idea of sharing a room. Of course, readers realize that's going to prove tempting, especially since there are tingles of an attraction already humming between them.

Sebastian isn't being truthful to Harper. He didn't tell her about his heart attack (at least at first) and he also has other reasons why he's devoted his career to medical research. In THE BOYFRIEND ARRANGEMENT, both seem to have problems being honest with the other yet expect the other to spill the beans on themselves. Not a good way to start a relationship. Not that either thought they'd be in a relationship with the other. Meanwhile, the blackmailer is getting the upper hand, and Harper is sweating it out. Needless to say, she doesn't have the money the blackmailer wants. Sebastian is a billionaire and can help, right?

Trust is a big issue in THE BOYFRIEND ARRANGEMENT, and Sebastian and Harper need to lean on each other if things are going to work out between them. Part of the extensive  Millionaires of Manhattan  series, this tale can be a standalone even if several characters from previous books appear. This one is about the romance of Harper and Sebastian.

An intriguing romantic tale, grab a copy of THE BOYFRIEND ARRANGEMENT.

Patti Fischer