HOT AND BADGERED - Shelly Laurenston
Honey Badger Chronicles,  Book 1
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 9781496714343
April 2018
Paranormal Romance
Present Day 

Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan's father is trying to get her and her sisters killed. Again. As the oldest sibling, Charlie is incredibly protective of her younger sisters, and it's up to her to keep them all safe, so she definitely doesn't appreciate a grumpy grizzly bear shifter offering her protection. But there's something about Berg that keeps Charlie's interest, so maybe he's not so bad to have around.

Berg Dunn is a protection specialist, so when a pretty woman practically falls into his lap and asks for a gun, he offers one up—as well as his help. But the big bear isn't going to give up that quickly, so when they see each other again, she's not going to be able to shake him off that easily. So begins a wacky tale of love, bears, and badgers.

HOT AND BADGERED was non-stop fun, excitement, and thrills. Shelly Laurenston is well, and rightly, praised for her storytelling ability, and this book is quite possibly the best of the bunch. Charlie is a strong heroine who is incredibly loyal to her sisters, and the whole group is one any reader would love to be a part of. The action begins on page one, and the hits just keep coming until the very end—making this a fast paced, one-sitting read. Highly recommended.

Long-time fans of Shelly Laurenston will be pleased to see some of her earlier characters return in small roles in this new  Honey Badgers  series. In some respects, this could be seen as a spin-off her  Pride  series, but the  Honey Badger   Chronicles  stands on its own, and can be picked up and read with no prior knowledge of Laurenston's other works.

Keep an eye out for IN A BADGER WAY, book 2, coming in April 2019.

Amanda Toth