Loveswept (eBook)
ISBN: 978-1524-79653-2
November 2017
Contemporary Romance Novella

Haven, New York – Present Day

During the week, schoolteacher Kelly Byrne works in New York City at a private school, and on the weekends, she returns home to Haven and a tiny house that is in the backyard of her best friend Mark Blakely's property. It's the start of the Christmas break, and Kelly is headed home for a couple of weeks when she encounters a mysterious woman who declares that Kelly will reunite with a man from her past before Christmas, and that he is the “one she'll marry.” While shocked at the message, since she hasn't dated anyone for a while, she decides to check out her old boyfriends to see if one of them will fit the bill. Kelly asks Mark for help, which he does so grudgingly. But as it grows closer to Christmas, with no ex giving her the right vibes, Kelly discovers an attraction to Mark she's never noticed before.

Kelly is on a mission to reconnect with an ex who could possibly be the one she'll marry because a sage old woman told her so. She makes a list and starts working on them once she's back in Haven. Her parents are on an anniversary cruise, and Kelly's Christmas plans were to spend the day with Mark and his parents, but she hopes finding Mr. Right will change her plans in AN EX FOR CHRISTMAS. She's been best friends with Mark since they were children, and she can tell him just about anything. They live next door to one another and even share a dog. She confesses her “ex search” to him, which has him scoffing. But it doesn't stop Kelly from proceeding with her plan.

In AN EX FOR CHRISTMAS, the tale follows Kelly in the days before Christmas as she meets—then crosses off—the men on her list. Mark shakes his head and tells her she's crazy, but she persists. Yet, Mark always ends up finding out about her dates, and they squabble. This bickering leads to a realization by Kelly that she cares for Mark…more than she realizes. They make love and Kelly wonders if she should call off her search for her true love and concentrate on pursuing a romantic relationship with Mark. But is she not really looking at the whole picture? Could the man from her past who is her one and only mentioned by the old woman be right in front of her?

A deliciously sexy tale that is fun and captivating, AN EX FOR CHRISTMAS will be a hit for readers who enjoy best friends to lovers romances. Here's hoping Kelly and Mark find a happily-ever-after together.

Patti Fischer