HARD SELL Lauren Layne
21 Wall Street, Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-1-503-90284-8
September 2018
Contemporary Romance 

New York City Present Day 

Matt Cannon is still battling a hangover and a red-eye flight from Las Vegas that morning when he gets into his office on Wall Street Monday.  Unfortunately, his secretary shows him a copy of the Wall Street Journal from Friday night showing him getting a lap dance and mentioning cocaine, prostitution and reckless spending.  The bosses at Wolfe Investments immediately call him into their office with bad news.  Everyone in New York has seen the paper; clients are calling doubting their company and his handling of their accounts.  He better get a girlfriend and remake his reputation quickly or he's out of a job.  His friends, Kennedy and Ian, who work with him have only one suggestion: Sabrina Cross, a fixer.  Matt isn't too excited about hiring Sabrina to be his pretend girlfriend; their history from several years back has left them in a precarious relationship. 

Sabrina and Matt have hooked up several times in the past few years, but she still doesn't trust him after he hurt her the first time they hooked up and he wanted to know what she wanted afterward.  But after seeing the trouble he is in, she agrees to be seen publicly with him until the firm's black-tie gala.  Sabrina knows all the movers and shakers in town and how to work it so that everyone who's anyone will see them together and start to save his reputation.  Over the next few days, Matt and Sabrina are seen in public, and word gets around they are serious.  Is this enough to save his dream job? 

Sabrina says she can easily save Matt's reputation, and the only way she'll do so is for them to have no physical relationship between them.  But Sabrina does not know if she can even keep to her own rules. Then Sabrina meets Matt's parents and understands where his fear of marriage has come from.  Can Sabrina and Matt survive their reputation revamp without giving into their attraction to each other? 

Kennedy and Ian are Matt's friends and Kate, Matt's secretary, and Lara, Ian's girlfriend, are Sabrina's friends.  The billionaire Jarod Lanham can make or break Matt's career if they can make him believe in them and invest with Matt's firm.  Matt's parents have definitely skewed his ideas of marriage and it will be hard for him to overcome it. 

HARD SELL is a cute story of redeeming a reputation and a couple inexplicably drawn together and fighting their attractions.  How to save a reputation in a large city like New York is fascinating with all the ways Sabrina knows how to work the system.  HOT ASSET (May 2018) is Ian's story if you're further interested in the Wall Street world as he fights insider trading charges.  HARD SELL is a great story this month for some interesting insights into New York society.

Carolyn Crisher