Man of the Year , Book 1
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978-1542018807
March 2020
Contemporary Romance

New York City – Present Day

Robert Davenport is the current mayor of New York City and Citizen Magazine's Man of the Year. Not that he embraces the Man of the Year title because he has more important things to do than being a hot celebrity bachelor. Robert is contemplating a run for Governor of New York, and his bulldog of a campaign manager comes to him with a way to get a leg up against his opponent, the current governor. The man has an adult daughter who was notorious a few years ago for her wild ways, but she suddenly disappeared from public view. Robert's campaign manager has located her—Addie Brennan is now Adeline Blake, an event planner. There have been rumors that the governor is not the upstanding individual he claims to be, and what better way to get the dirt than pry the info from his estranged daughter? Add in that Robert currently needs an event planner, then it seems like Adeline has fallen into his lap.

Adeline hates her father because he's a liar and is as devious as the devil himself. But she has no plans to divulge that info to the press because she'd rather be left alone doing what she loves, which is planning events. When the office of the mayor of New York City contacts her about doing an event for them, Adeline is both excited and apprehensive. She has changed her looks and doesn't look like wild spirt Addie, but is she risking exposing herself if someone puts two and two together? However, she needs the money and agrees to the gig. Of course, Adeline didn't realize it'd mean working very closely with the sexy mayor. Why is Robert showering Adeline with all this attention? Are the sparks that fly between them real—or is he only pretending to be interested in her?

Robert's knowledge of who Adeline really is could destroy her, or at least expose her to publicity that she doesn't want. Her relationship with her father was awful. He lied to her and did things behind closed doors that belied his stellar reputation. Instead of trying to fight him anymore—especially after she found out her mother was really alive despite what her father told her—she walked away and started a new life with a new name. Adeline is careful around Robert. She does find him attractive, but he is in politics—and it's rumored that he will be running against her father for governor. Yet, Adeline can't deny that she finds Robert attractive. How long will it take for her to give in to the desire she feels for the man. Can she continue to hide out from the tabloids who might have wondered where Addie Brennan is?

Robert is walking a dangerous line with Adeline when he soon realizes he likes her a lot and doesn't want to hurt her. Yet, getting the dirt on her father would be just the thing to use in the governor's race. As he gets to know her better, he begins to care for her more than he ever thought he would. Will Robert do the right thing? Can he win Adeline's affection? Their fiery sparks soon turn in to passion. Will they both end up getting singed?

An intriguing and passionate tale based in the world of celebrity politics, don't miss YOURS IN SCANDAL.

Patti Fischer