St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 978-1250621146
July 26, 2022
Contemporary Romance

Weldon, California – Present Day

High-powered Los Angeles attorney Lizzy Chung appears to have it all. She has worked hard to achieve her proudest goal, being named a partner in the firm where she works. But a panic attack while in a courtroom has her decide to take a month off and return to her hometown of Weldon, where her best friend, Jack Park, lives with his family. Lizzy rents an apartment above a bookstore, which intrigues her because she’s a big romance reader. She’s soon helping the owner, Shannon, in sprucing up the bookstore to help bring in business. She even enlists Jack’s help, which means that she gets to spend more time with her best friend.

Jack has had a crush on Lizzy since they were ten years old, but she’s never looked his way. He’s glad that she’s in town visiting and they are getting to do things together, but he’s hoping their friendship develops into something more. Jack is well aware that Lizzy’s life is in Los Angeles, while he’s stuck as the bookkeeper of his family’s brewery. However, he’s hopeful he can change his address by getting a job in Lizzy’s neck of the woods. But as they spend more time together, and start a romantic relationship, Lizzy begins to wonder if Los Angeles is really home for her.

It's a romance for best friends in BOOKED ON A FEELING, the latest by Jayci Lee. Friends since childhood, Lizzy and Jack can just about tell each other whatever they’re thinking, but he hasn’t told her that he’s in love with her. Lizzy thought being an attorney was what she wanted, but it turns out that it’s what her parents wanted for her. Lizzy is content spending time reading a romance and hanging out with friends. She can’t do things like this in her current high-stress job. After passing out during a panic attack in court, Lizzy finally reassesses her life and decides to step away for a month.

Jack feels like the third wheel at the brewery. Anyone can do the bookkeeping, so he’s looking for a change in scenery, all the way to Los Angeles. Of course, Lizzy being there was the big allure but now she’s in Weldon and he’s enjoying their time together. The chemistry between Lizzy and Jack starts off with them bantering, and soon, their feelings for each other turn romantic. Jack will do whatever Lizzy asks him to do, but if she turns her back on him after their fling is over, how will he react? Jack and Lizzy make a nice couple, but readers will wonder what will happen if their romance goes off the rails. Meanwhile, Lizzy is enjoying her temporary job at the bookstore. Are career changes in store for both?

BOOKED ON A FEELING is an enjoyably breezy tale with loads of fun and plenty of sexy banter. Will Jack get the job and the woman he wants with them living happily ever after in Los Angeles? Or will Jack and Lizzy both find their plans turned upside down? Enjoy the fun and pick up a copy of BOOKED ON A FEELING.

Patti Fischer

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