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Hana Trio , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #15A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45777-6
August 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Chloe Hana had a crush on famed violinist Anthony Larsen years ago, but of course, he wouldn’t look her way due to the fact that he’s older than her and because he is married. Anthony is now widowed and in Los Angeles for a few weeks. He agrees to perform with the Hana Trio, the classical group formed by Chloe and her two sisters. She has to admit that he is still as attractive as she remembers, but it appears that he is still in grief over losing his wife. But when she spots a woman coming on to Anthony one day with the paparazzi close by, she steps in front of him and announces to the woman that they are dating. 

Anthony is grateful for Chloe getting rid of the woman who was trying to make a scene. Turns out, the woman is a one-time lover who is now engaged to a powerful man in the classical music business. If anyone suspected a scandal brewing, it’d ruin Anthony’s reputation. He asks Chloe to be his pretend girlfriend while he’s in Los Angeles. This means that they will have to be seen in public being cozy with each other. For Chloe, that isn’t going to be a problem—except—she could lose her heart to him.

Chloe and Anthony fight an unexpected attraction in JUST A FEW FAKE KISSES…, the final tale in the Hana Trio series by Jayci Lee. Chloe and her sisters have formed the Hana Trio which is getting rave reviews and Anthony has heard about them and offers to perform with them. Chloe is thrilled and tries to hide the fact that she once had a crush on him. Turns out that once they are around each other, the crush turns into an intense attraction. To make their fake dating appear real, Chloe and Anthony not only go on dates together, but they take a trip to Bend, Oregon, where they hike and see the sights. It’s all in the name of keeping up the ruse they’re dating. But the moment Chloe says the “L” word, Anthony is ready to break it off.

Anthony feels guilt over how his wife died, even though he is not responsible. He loved her deeply and will never love another woman. He tries to keep his relationship with Chloe as strictly friends, but she is a beautiful and attractive woman. Their fake kisses soon turn into the real thing, leading them to go beyond friendship. The sex is great but it’s only a fling in his mind. Plus, Anthony plans to return to New York City soon. Is there any chance he’s fallen for Chloe?

Pretend kisses turn into a sizzling affair in JUST A FEW FAKE KISSES… Don’t miss the intriguing conclusion of the Hana Trio series. 

Patti Fischer

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