Return to the Double C Serie s, Book 9
Harlequin Special Addition
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-65991-3
November 2016
Contemporary Romance

Montana, The Present

Kelly Rasmussen has returned to her hometown of Weaver, Montana to bury her mother. She escaped from the loveless old family home when she learned she was pregnant, and her mother wanted to pin it on her old boyfriend, Caleb Buchanan. According to her mother's view, the wealthy Buchanan family took care of their own, and that would include her as Kelly's mom. Kelly was also born out of wedlock, but unlike her mother, she showers love and protection on her son Tyler. Something her mother never managed. Now Tyler has cracked the cast on his broken wrist. Kelly took him to her former employer, pediatrician Dr. Cobb, for a new cast. What she didn't expect was for Dr. Caleb Buchanan to enter the room.

Caleb knows he is guilty of ruining his and Kelly's high school romance. He left her for another medical student not knowing until he was rejected himself exactly what he had inflicted on Kelly. However, now he wants a fresh start with Kelly, the one woman who has remained in his memory and heart. Her mother told him after Kelly left town that she was married and had a baby. Indeed, Tyler is a wonderful youngster, but he carries the Rasmussen last name.

This story is part of a long series, and I believe this series is related to yet another series, so characters I assume known from other stories interact with Kelly and Caleb. This gives the story a feeling of family and community, but I had no problem following the story line. A very courageous and, considering her upbringing, a loving woman, Kelly tries to avoid Caleb, believing he stopped loving her a long time ago. She had her act of revenge by walking away from him after a one-nighter two years after their breakup, but that reunion resulted in Caleb. Caleb is a cross between a doctor and a cowboy, he follows his passion for medicine, and even enjoys rocking new born infants. Yet, upon occasion when asked, he helps string wire fencing at his family's ranch. The question remains, is he stringing Kelly along (again) or is he out to capture her forever? And what happens when he learns the truth about Tyler? A CHILD UNDER HIS TREE is a fun, entertaining, but emotional read; however, I thought it was a Christmas title when really it seemed tied to Thanksgiving more.

Robin Lee