STRONG, SILENT COWBOY – Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick
A Moving Violations Novel #2
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1250220097
March 9, 2021
Erotic Romance

Deer Haven, Texas – Present Day

Introduced to Jacob Donovan in a bar one night, Sallie Hamblen can't let on that she has already met him—three years ago when both had different names and a different life. Back then, they instantly hit it off and spent three sizzling nights together before he mysteriously disappeared. Jacob doesn't recognize Sallie, which saddens her, but she wonders if it's for the best considering so much has changed in the three years since they parted. From what she has heard, shortly after they separated, Jacob was injured in an explosion that took part of his memory—the days that include their time spent together. Now they are like any other couple meeting for the first time. And like the last time, they hit it off. It doesn't take long before Jacob and Sallie are spending a pleasure-filled night together.

So much has changed for Sallie and Jacob in the past three years. Back then, she was the adored stepdaughter of the ambassador. She met Jacob, then an undercover CIA operative, which she didn't know about, and fell hard for him. The sex was fast, beautiful, and explosive between them. Then he walked out of her life. Eventually, she married another man, Jacob's partner, but that marriage ended, and an annulment was obtained. Then the threats against her life started and her adoptive father arranged a new identity for her and plucked her down in this small Texas town. She soon realized that Jacob was also here, but he was now under a different last name and is a cowboy. And he doesn't recognize her. Sallie stayed in the background watching Jacob, but it was inevitable that they'd meet again—and that they would find their attraction insatiable. Then, the danger that she thought she'd escaped returns to haunt her. Will Sallie have to run again?

For Sallie in STRONG, SILENT COWBOY, she believes the bad guys are after her ex-husband. She doesn't realize at first that Jacob was also a CIA undercover agent. To her, he was just that handsome hunk who swept her off her feet and made love to her. Having him walk out of her life—and now not remember her—pains her so much. But Sallie can't reveal her identity to Jacob because it would put both their lives in danger. However, unknown to her, once Jacob meets Sallie and has sex with her again, he begins to have flashes of her in his memory. Will it all come back? Jacob has also been laying low in Deer Haven because of his past CIA work. The bad guys are ruthless terrorists who torture their victims before brutally killing them. He can't afford to let someone he cares for be lost to these barbaric murderers.

Meanwhile, Jacob can't get enough of Sallie in his bed. He proclaims to her that it's simply great sex, but deep down, does he care more for her than he's willing to admit? Sallie lost her heart to Jacob once…will she lose it again? Their relationship starts off hot and heavy in STRONG, SILENT COWBOY, then shifts to a riveting suspense when it becomes clear that the terrorists have targeted Sallie once more. Jacob believes they are after him, but to convince Sallie of this, he will have to reveal more about his past to her. But that might put her life in even more danger…

A suspenseful and erotic romance about a couple that can't get enough of each other, you won't want to miss STRONG, SILENT COWBOY.

Patti Fischer