The Breeds , Book 31
ISBN: 978-0-425-26547-5
March 2017
Paranormal Romance

Window Rock - Present Day

After four years of working alongside Cullen Maverick, Chelsea Martinez is giving up.  She'd joined the Covert Law Enforcement Agency hoping to work in either Operations or Command, but instead has spent four years filing paperwork and being told she's not ready yet, despite being better trained than some of the field agents.  As if being told to stay safe in the background isn't enough, she's also spent that time hiding the fact that she's in love with Cullen, while hoping that, someday, he'll get over the loss of his wife and finally notice her.  Now, though, she realizes that it's time for her to move on, and resigns.

Though a Breed, Cullen's Bengal traits are recessive to the point that he can pass for human, yet when Chelsea leaves him, the tiger awakens.  At first, he figures that Chelsea will come back to work soon, but then he learns that she's working for someone else, and Cullen knows that he must do whatever it takes to get her back.  When she's attacked, however, it becomes clear that somebody is out to get Chelsea, bringing Cullen's Bengal even closer to the surface, and now all bets are off.

Chelsea may have the training to be a field agent, but Cullen's worry over her as well as his needing her in the office have kept her out of danger while working at the Covert Law Enforcement Agency.  However, in WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER, Chelsea's had enough of people telling her to sit on the sidelines, and if Cullen isn't willing to utilize her skills, she'll take them elsewhere.  This sets off a chain reaction that neither would have anticipated even if it's what Chelsea had hoped for.  Chelsea also occasionally works for the Breed Underground, and has been around Breeds her whole life.  She believes that she knows what's in store for her if she becomes involved with Cullen, but she's in for a few surprises.  Cullen, once known as Judd, has always been a recessive Bengal, but considering that his twin, Gideon/Graeme, can barely control the monster within him, Cullen has been okay with being recessive.  But when he kisses Chelsea, the Mating Heat takes hold, and awakens the Bengal within him.

The thirty-first novel in The Breeds series is probably not the place to start.  There are explanations given as to how the Breeds came about, but so much has happened that it can be a bit confusing if you haven't read them in order.  That being said, WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER is filled with action, emotion and the sizzling passion that this series is known for.

Jennifer Bishop