Dallas Billionaires Club , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2607
ISBN: 978-1-335-97167-8
August 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Bigfork, Montana – Present Day

Ten years ago, Chase Ferguson and Miriam Andrix had a summer affair in Montana that ended when he returned to Dallas and both realized that she'd never fit into his establishment lifestyle. Miriam is an activist for the protection of the environment, while Chase's family owns one of the biggest oil companies in the country. Now the mayor of Dallas, Chase is in the midst of a re-election campaign that has his opponent looking for dirt to uncover about him. Deciding to head during the Thanksgiving holiday to Bigfork, Montana where he owns a mansion, he runs into Miriam his first day there. Spurning her offer of dinner at her mother's, he figures he'll never see her again. However, his rejection only inspires her to bring him a Thanksgiving dinner. But the snow that is falling soon leaves them stranded for days at his house.

Miriam never got over Chase's rejection, though she tries to convince herself she's over him. Seeing Chase again stirs up old feelings and is perhaps part of the reason why she went barreling over to his place on Thanksgiving Day with a meal. Alas, her plan to shove it in his face and then leave is thwarted when the snowstorm has her unable to leave his house. Now alone together, the old passion is reignited between them. Will their reunion end up to be temporary, or do they have a chance for a future together?

Chase knows all about living in a fishbowl and doesn't want Miriam to be hurt. But if the press discovers they're snuggling up together at his mansion in Montana, then it will turn into A SNOWBOUND SCANDAL. Their summer fling was magical ten years ago but once Chase returned to Dallas he realized that Miriam wouldn't fit into his life, especially since their career plans were at odds. He went on to become mayor and won't give that up. But will being around Miriam change his mind about a future for them? Miriam stayed in Montana and has carved a nice little life for herself, though she is still single and unattached. Chase knows his parents want him to marry well and that Miriam isn't someone they see as the perfect future wife for him. Will spending days—and nights—with Miriam change Chase's mind?

The second tale in the  Dallas Billionaires Club  series by Jessica Lemmon, A SNOWBOUND SCANDAL can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty even though the first couple from LONE STAR LOVERS (Zach and Penelope) do make a few appearances.

There's just something about a couple stranded together that appeals to me. We have them being forced together, which soon leads to an attraction that can't be denied. Once they're no longer stranded then comes a realization about how much they mean to one another. A SNOWBOUND SCANDAL is like that and a tale that I urge you pick up. Will Chase and Miriam find the happily-ever-after that eluded them ten years ago? Discover the answer for yourself.

Patti Fischer