The Bachelor Pact , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2691
ISBN: 978-1-335-60393-7
October 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Spright Island, Washington – Present Day

Real estate developer Tate Duncan has been walking around in a daze since discovering that the family he thought was dead is very much alive. He had recently learned he'd been kidnapped as a child and sold to another couple to adopt. While digesting this news, his fiancée dumps him, which leaves him in an even deeper funk. One night while out walking, Hayden Green invites Tate into her home to get away from the driving rain. Her smile and touch are gentle, and he soon discovers that he's attracted to her. It doesn't take long before they're drifting into an affair. An invitation from his real family to finally meet them in London has him unsure. How will he feel about them? Tate asks Hayden to come with him to help act as a buffer. She accepts, knowing that the more she's around him, the deeper she's falling for him.

Tate thought he had the perfect life on Spright Island. His business is booming, and he was in love. Then it all came crashing down. A chance meeting with a stranger in Seattle had him coming face to face with his unknown twin, Reid. A subsequent investigation revealed that Tate was the long-lost child kidnapped in England years ago. Turns out the kidnappers sold him to his unsuspecting adoptive parents. Tate is conflicted. He loves his adoptive parents and has yet to meet his real parents. If he likes them, is he betraying the couple who raised him? As for Hayden, she's the perfect diversion while he continues to clear his head.

Hayden knows Tate of course. He's the man behind the island's development into a prime residential area. Offering him shelter from the rain is a no-brainer. But finding herself in a relationship with him? It's the last thing she expected. Their affair is more of the “friends with benefits” kind. That is perfectly fine with her—until their trip to London to meet Tate's real parents has her suddenly realizing its love. What will happen if she declares her love for him?

CHRISTMAS SEDUCTION is an emotional tale that will tug at the heart of readers. Tate is a man in turmoil—from finding out he isn't who he thought he was and then having his fiancée dump him. Is he over his ex? Can he find love and a future with Hayden? Will he reunite with his real parents and come to grips with having two sets of parents? Find out the answer to all these questions and pick up a copy of CHRISTMAS SEDUCTION.


Patti Fischer