Kiss and Tell , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2717
ISBN: 978-1-335-20893-4
February 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

River Grove – Present Day

The Thompson and Knox families are intertwined because of the company their families formed years ago. The elder Knox will likely retire soon, while Taylor Thompson continues to work at the company despite the death of her father. Royce Knox is the current Chief Financial Officer, but as the eldest son, he hopes to succeed his father as the head of the company. One night while at a party, Taylor, who has been dating the younger son, Brannon, learns that he is about to propose to her. She likes him, but she isn't in love with him. She escapes the party and locks herself in a closet, where she is discovered by Royce. One thing leads to another, and Taylor is soon kissing Royce. Of course, Brannon goes looking for her—and sees them.

Royce was warned away from Taylor years ago by her father because he was “too old for her,” despite the fact that there are only six years separating them. When she starts kissing him, he does the only thing he could do he kisses her back. But now he has to face Brannon's wrath, which only adds to their rivalry over who will run the company, their sibling relationship isn't going well right now. However, Royce begins to feel something unexpected: he's attracted to Taylor. She starts pursuing him, which he should stop her from doing, but he can't. She's a temptation that he cannot resist. Will his attraction for her cause problems in his quest to be the company CEO?

It was a FORBIDDEN KISS between Taylor and Royce that sets things off in this delightful tale by Jessica Lemmon. The Thompson and Knox families have worked together closely, and in some ways, are like brothers and sisters to each other. But one day, Brannon asked Taylor out and they settled into a nice “romance” that wasn't intense. His decision to propose marriage terrified Taylor. She wasn't that much into him. However, Taylor can admit to being a little more than interested in Royce, but he's never looked her way…until now. Now that she's had a taste of kissing him, she wants him to see her as a desirable woman, and not his little sister's best friend. Meanwhile, Royce has to remind himself to keep his eye on the prize, the CEO job. Will his attraction for Taylor throw a wrench into his plans if his father finds out?

Royce and Taylor make a delicious couple together. Their sparring and sexy banter oozes with hot sexual chemistry. In HIS FORBIDDEN KISS, you know that you will want to see them get together. It doesn't take long before they're making love…and wanting to spend more time together. Taylor hopes they can have a future together, but Royce has other ideas. Will their affair die before it barely gets off the ground?

An entertaining and fun romance be sure to grab a copy of HIS FORBIDDEN KISS.

Patti Fischer