Dynasties: Beaumont Bay , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2804
ISBN: 978-1-335-23289-2
June 2021

Contemporary Series Romance

Beaumont Bay, Tennessee – Present Day

Country music superstar Cash Sutherland and journalist Presley Cole have a history together and haven't seen each other in years. But he needs her now to repair his damaged reputation. While Cash might relish the “bad boy” label, a recent DUI arrest has given him a bad reputation that needs repairing if he wants his music success to continue. Presley's employer wants an exclusive interview with Cash, and she is the one the Sutherland family chooses since she went to college with him. But will their romantic past get in the way of the interview?

Cash decided to pick music over Presley when they were in college because he didn't want to hold her back in achieving her goal of becoming a top-notch journalist. After Cash's brother, Gavin, offers Presley to stay with him, Cash steps in and insists that she stay with him. He figures he can have her around for the few days that she will be in town. But their old attraction raises its head. It isn't long before they're kissing—and making love. Cash can only offer Presley a fling, but is that good enough for her?

Presley and Cash get a second chance at love in SECOND CHANCE LOVE SONG by Jessica Lemmon. She thought they had a future together in college, but he abruptly ended things with her and left college for home. Yes, his father had been pestering him to start a musical career, but could he have done it with Presley by his side? The one thing Cash didn't want to do was to have her regret giving up her promising journalism career. He has never looked back—until he comes face-to-face with her again. Sparks are soon flying between them. Can they rekindle their love? Can Presley find out the identity of Cash's once special someone, the one he wrote his biggest hit for?

Presley approaches the interview with Cash on a professional basis. Yet, she can't help but feel jealous when he pays attention to other women—or about the women in his past. She shouldn't let her long buried feelings for him come to the surface, but it happens. Once Cash and Presley start their fling, will she end up with a broken heart again? Can she walk away and not look back? Will the interview with Cash happen, and will it repair his reputation? Will he reveal to her who is the inspiration for his song? Readers have to suspect that it's…Presley!

An engaging and sensual tale about a couple reunited that's set in Beaumont Bay, a country music community near Nashville. Will Cash and Presley find love again? Discover the answer to this and other questions in SECOND CHANCE LOVE SONG.

Patti Fischer