The Bachelor Pact , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2655
ISBN: 978-1-335-60357-9
April 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Washington & Crown, Ohio – Present Day

As the last single sister in the family, Andrea “Andy” Payne does not want to go to her sister's wedding in Ohio dateless, so she's looking for a man to bring. After striking out—again—Andy spots a stranger in a bar and thinks he looks like a good candidate. Hopefully one who will not think going on a fake date will lead to something more. Alas, she strikes out once more. A few days later, Andy meets her newest consulting client, and it turns out one of the partners in the company is the stranger from the bar. Sparks fly between Gage Fleming and Andy, and soon he's reconsidering her offer of being her fake date to a wedding in Ohio. Gage makes it clear he isn't marriage—or relationship—material, which suits Andy just fine. After all, she isn't called the “Ice Queen” for nothing. But once in Ohio, the sparks that have been flying between them erupt into full-blown flames.

Gage once fell for a woman that he asked to marry him, but she soon dumped him and told him he wasn't marriage material. He took that to heart and vowed, along with two other friends, never to marry or get into a committed relationship. That is why having a temporary fling with Andy is perfect for him. Andy, on the other hand, is still stinging all these years after she was called an Ice Queen by a now ex-boyfriend. But Gage kisses stir the fiery passion inside her. Both realize that getting involved is dangerous, yet the temptation is too hard to resist. What will happen once they return to Seattle and continue to work together?

TEMPORARY TO TEMPTED is the second book in  The Bachelor Pact  series. The first tale, BEST FRIENDS, SECRET LOVERS, saw Gage's friend Flynn find love (and break the pact) with his best friend, Sabrina. Gage figures that was just an outlier and love won't snare him. When things really begin to heat up between him and Andy, will he break it off? The love scenes between them are sizzling hot and readers will want to reach for an ice-cold drink to cool down. Next up in the series is Reid's story. How will the sexy Brit find his lady?

Much like the plot of the movie,  The Wedding Date , Andy has to find a pretend date for a wedding back home. Don't miss TEMPORARY TO TEMPTED for an enjoyable and hot read.

Patti Fischer