William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-290656-4
June 2019
Contemporary Fiction 

England – Past & Present Day 

On the day that London attorney Vivi Shager turns twenty-seven, she unexpectedly suffers a major heart attack and nearly dies. Waking up in the hospital days later, she receives the news that she will need a heart transplant, or she'll die within a year. Vivi returns to her hometown where she'll live with her mother, a woman who is enigmatic about her past. Who is Vivi's father? Her mother, Gina, won't discuss it. As Vivi adjusts to living life with a machine monitoring her heart while she awaits the call that a heart is available, she meets Josh, a local veterinarian. Their instant attraction is both exciting and terrifying. How can they look at a future together when she is under a death sentence? 

In ONE MINUTE LATER, readers are introduced to Vivi in the present day, as well as the past through the eyes of Josh's mother, Shelley, which starts with the birth of Josh and continues through the intervening years. Josh's family was left a farm that they struggled to keep afloat with plenty of help from other family members. But as this tale documents, things change when Josh's father dies in what was labeled an accident. Shelley thinks someone else was involved, and these feelings have stayed with her through the years. Readers will suspect that somehow what happened with Josh's father is behind Gina's refusal to discuss the past. With Josh and Vivi meeting—and falling in love—things might explode in ways no one ever expected. 

ONE MINUTE LATER is not the happiest of books to read. There is this dread of doom hanging over Vivi. How can she find the man of her dreams and yet be facing death? We see Vivi's pain, frustration, and her other feelings in this tale. Josh is absolutely wonderful dealing with her. Other men might just turn around and walk away after hearing that a woman has a death sentence hanging over her, but not Josh. He cherishes Vivi, and she is head over heels in love with him despite her problems. I won't give away all the spoilers in ONE MINUTE LATER but suffice to say that there is a rollercoaster of emotion running throughout that will have you wanting to cry in both sadness and frustration for her.

As the end of ONE MINUTE LATER looms, it does speed up as she reaches her twenty-eighth birthday, but by then Vivi is happier than she ever expected. But is her happiness about to be shattered? What happens during these months? Does she die? Did she ever learn who her father is? I found myself glued to reading this, even though I suspected it wasn't going to be a happily-ever-after. And yes, I did feel the tears forming as I read the final chapter. ONE MINUTE LATER is filled with emotion, heartbreak, and yes, even happiness. Don't miss this spellbinding tale. 

Patti Fischer