Marriage at First Sight , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2639
ISBN: 978-1-335-60341-8
January 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Cook Island, and New York City – Present Day

After one bad marriage and still feeling gun-shy about dating again, Imogene O'Conner decides to go the “marriage at first sight” route, which is why she is in Seattle about to marry a man she's never met. Going down the aisle to her groom, she is stunned to realize that he is very familiar to her: he is her ex-husband, Valentin Horvath. Imogene immediately rejects the idea that he is her perfect match, but he convinces her to give their second marriage a chance for three months. Reluctantly, she agrees, while acknowledging there is still an attraction between them.

Seven years ago, Valentin and Imogene married after a whirlwind romance. While very much in love, she was crushed to learn that her husband was having an affair with his colleague, Carla. Imogene quickly left Valentin and divorced him. She is still devastated by his betrayal. Coming face-to-face with him after all these years, she can't believe they matched perfectly with the scientific calculations done by Match Made in Marriage. Imogene wonders if this is a cruel joke being played on her.

Valentin never forgot Imogene, even if he never tried to go after her. Truth of the matter is that he wasn't having an affair with Carla. But shouldn't Imogene have trusted him? His pride just let her walk away. Thanks to his beloved grandmother and a need to marry in order to provide an heir, he agreed to a marriage without first meeting his intended bride. Seeing that his bride is Imogene stuns him, even as it gives him hope that he might get a second chance with her.

If readers haven't figured it out already in INCONVENIENTLY WED, the marriage set-up was arranged by his grandmother, who hoped to see them reconciled. After their marriage, Imogene and Valentin jet off to Cook Island for a brief honeymoon. She is still not sure about trusting him, yet the sexual attraction is there. Will they give into the passion that burns? What happens when they return to New York City to begin their married life—will something (or someone)—come between them? There's no denying they are compatible, but building trust will have to happen before they can find a happily-ever-after.

INCONVENIENTLY WED is part of the  Marriage at First Sight  series, but other than a mention of a previous couple from the first book, TANGLED VOWS, this one can be read as a standalone. Imogene and Valentin have a long road to travel before they can find their way back to love again. Find out if they reach their destination in INCONVENIENTLY WED.

Patti Fischer