Harlequin Desire #2543
ISBN: 978-0-373-83870-7
September 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Sitting in a bar relaxing, business tycoon Kirk Tanner sees a woman enter and is intrigued by her. After watching her sit down with friends, he recognizes her as Sally Harrison, the only child of Orson, whom Kirk is meeting tomorrow when they'll announce their merger. She seems frazzled, but he's attracted enough to her to want to meet her. After her friends leave, Kirk sends over a drink to her and then their eyes meet. He can't help but get up and go over to her, where he introduces himself only by his first name. One thing leads to another…and a night of passion follows. After she leaves, he gets a phone call that Sally's father had a heart attack. Kirk hasn't told Sally who he really is, and the moment she walks into the boardroom the next day, he can see the shock on her face.

The sex between her and Kirk was a wonderful distraction for Sally after she learned from her father that he was merging their company with another. She thought she was working her way up into a position to help run the company, but soon she'll just be another employee.  Kirk is sexy and hot—and makes Sally forget her problems. But she is barely home after leaving Kirk when she gets the phone call that her father had a heart attack. And she has an even more startling discovery the next afternoon when she finds out Kirk is the one who will soon be her boss. She now wants nothing to do with him, but that may prove impossible when she learns weeks later she's pregnant with his child.

Life is complicated for Sally and Kirk in LITTLE SECRETS: THE BABY MERGER, and a baby will just add to it. He probably should have told her who he really was that night in the bar, but he was too attracted to her. He thought getting to know her on neutral grounds would “soften” her feelings toward him the next day, but instead she spurns him. However, they are both worried about Orson, who is now unable to return to work for an extended period. This forces Sally and Kirk to work together, and he likes what he sees. He still would like to bed her again—but she makes it clear she doesn't want him. Her pregnancy causes a dilemma…will they now be tied together for the next several years? If Kirk has his way, Sally will become his wife.

While an only child, Sally has never felt in her father's eyes that she is good enough to run his business. She has been trying to change his thinking, but with the merger with Kirk's business, it will now be hard to move up the ladder. Sally still feels these tingles of desire for Kirk, but she doesn't want to give in. Will he prove to be too persuasive, and will she be able to deny him? The baby will change a lot of lives, but can it lead to love between them?

The chemistry between Kirk and Sally sizzles off the charts in LITTLE SECRETS: THE BABY MERGER, and readers know that they are totally attracted to one another. Will they figure it out and have their happily-ever-after? Find out in this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer