ONE HEIR…OR TWO? – Yvonne Lindsay
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2480
ISBN: 978-0-373-73493-1
November 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

San Francisco and Monterey, California – Present Day

Billionaire Donovan “Van” Murphy's orderly life is about to change as he prepares to ask his soon-to-be business partner Dani Matthews to marry him. But his day is interrupted when Kayla Porter, the younger sister of his late fiancée, barges into his office asking him to help her to have his child from frozen eggs and sperm her sister had banked before she died. Van is shocked at her request for financial assistance to do something against his wishes, but is even more stunned when he learns that the baby in her arms is his from the first procedure, and she's wanting help for the second one. For a man who vowed never to have children, he's suddenly become a father.

Van had signed away his paternity rights all those years ago when his late fiancée had the fertilized eggs saved in case she recovered from her bout with cancer. She died and the eggs were left to Kayla without Van's knowledge. Kayla went ahead and had the first child, a little girl, but with the clinic about to close and threatening to toss the eggs, she's desperate to have a second child, but needs his help just a little bit to get by. At first, Van turns her down, but the more he thinks about, the harder it is not to get involved with his children…or Kayla.

ONE HEIR…OR TWO? is an intriguing tale since it involves fertilized eggs and another woman giving birth to the resulting children. Van had an unhappy childhood, and he doesn't want to inflict any possible inherited tendencies on his children. He agreed to the procedure with Kayla's sister before he'd found out the truth about his parentage. But one look at his daughter, Sienna, and he's is captivated, but he sent them away because he was determined not to be a father. But after Kayla experiences financial issues and a health crisis, he invites both to stay at his mansion until after the new baby is born. Once under his roof, Kayla and Van begin to experience an attraction rising between them. It's not the first time, because right after her sister died, Kayla and Van made love, but he ran away, not sure about his feelings for her.

Kayla decided to carry on her sister's legacy by having her children. With the first childbirth, she was okay financially, but now with the pressure of the clinic closing she's in a rush to have at least the second one. She turned to the one man she thought had a heart and would help her. But Van's rejection hurts, and when he informs her he'll go after the children and cut her out of their lives, she's fights back. After everything goes wrong that could wrong, she has no choice but to now accept his offer of help. But will she be able to hide her attraction for him?

If you love stories with a baby and a pregnancy, plus a stubborn hero, then ONE HEIR…OR TWO? is one that I highly recommend. Van has to do some soul searching, but in the end, there is only one answer: loving the woman he's always cared for.

Patti Fischer