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RAGS TO RICHES – Yvonne Lindsay 
Harlequin Desire #9A
ISBN: 978-1-335-457608
June 2023
Contemporary series Romance

Blossom Springs, California – Present Day

Hyacinth “Cin” Sanderton returns to her hometown for a fresh start after a bad divorce. Her brother’s best friend, Drummond “Drum” Keyes, owns a tire installation company in town and her brother suggests that she talk to Drum about a job. Back when Cin was about to head to college, she asked Drum to be the one to take her virginity, but he refused. That rejection has burned in her memory since, and once she sees him again, she realizes that the old crush she had for him still burns hot.

Drum had promised his best friend that he would not look at or make a move on his sister, so when Cin offered herself up, he reluctantly refused. He wants her, and the years haven’t changed that fact, but he still has to keep his word to his best friend. Cin is barely scraping by, and he can’t help himself by offering to assist her. She refuses, but it’s clear that she is struggling. But it’s fate, because once around Cin again, Drum finally gives in to the long-simmering passion between them. 

Cin grew up in a wealthy family, but her parents soon lost their fortune. They are both gone now, and the house has been left to both Cin and her brother, who is in the military and gone most of the time. She has no car, so she must walk to work. Drum offers a solution, and they finally agree on a bicycle. Meanwhile, Cin loves her job—except for an old rival, Jennifer, who is making her work life miserable. Drum would interfere, but it will only lead to rumors that she’s sleeping with the boss. The last thing Cin needs is more rumors and innuendo. 

It's an ironic turn of fortunes in RAGS TO RICHES by Yvonne Lindsay. Cin grew up rich and now is poor. Drum grew up poor but, is now the richest man in town. He has always been attracted to her but honored her brother’s request to stay away from his sister. But the nearness of Cin has him wooing her into his bed. It isn’t that she is easy, but rather that their feelings are mutual. She is, however, aware of the likelihood of gossip if knowledge of their affair gets out. Cin keeps going back and forth deciding if she should end things, especially when Jennifer calls her all kinds of nasty things in the book. Then, when things get dangerous for Cin, it’s Drum to the rescue. Despite their differences, can they forge a way to a future together?

A sizzling and emotional tale about second chances at both life and love, don’t miss RAGS TO RICHES.

Patti Fischer

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