TANGLED VOWS – Yvonne Lindsay
Marriage at First Sight , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2598
ISBN: 978-1-335-97158-6
June 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

California – Present Day

Yasmin Carter desperately needs to save her floundering company and agrees to an unorthodox arranged marriage with a man she's never met or even knows his name. When she comes down the aisle at the church to say her vows, she immediately recognizes him: Ilya Horvath, her bitter business rival. Yasmin stops the wedding but after talking to Ilya's grandmother, she is convinced this is the only way to save her company. She needs to be married in order to land an important contract that would infuse cash into her business. Yasmin finally agrees to the marriage but only if Ilya stays out of her company. He agrees.

Ilya doesn't really need to marry any woman, but his grandmother arranged this marriage and he will do just about anything for her. Besides, Yasmin intrigues him. She's smart, beautiful, and he's attracted to her. On their wedding night, they agree to not have sex, but after spending days alone, it's Yasmin who finally turns to him and gives in to the desire that's built between them. Soon they're learning how compatible they are—in and out of bed—but unknown to Ilya, Yasmin has been receiving threatening messages. Someone wants her to end the marriage…or her painful and scandalous past will come to light.

The premise of TANGLED VOWS is a bit shaky. How many intelligent and attractive people out there would agree to a marriage with someone they've never met? But Yasmin is desperate and agrees to the proposal as she's after a contract with a company that will only do business with married people. Yasmin was raised by her grandfather who instilled in her that the Horvath family was evil and she should avoid them. Ilya's grandmother latched onto Yasmin's search for a husband—in name only—and with the help of Yasmin's office manager, persuaded her to marry a man she hasn't met. Ilya is handsome and rich, and any woman should want to marry him. Once they become lovers, will they fall in love? Or will the threats she's receiving destroy their tentative happiness?

After talking with Yasmin one night, Ilya realizes he had met her once before a long time ago. He hesitates to tell her this because she was in the middle of telling him about an incident from her past that left her traumatized. As readers probably suspect, this incident ties Ilya and Yasmin together—only she doesn't know it yet. A big secret like this is bound to cause problems and is at the heart of the blackmail—something  she  doesn't tell him about. Oh, what a tangled mess they are creating in TANGLED VOWS.

The passion is hot between Ilya and Yasmin in TANGLED VOWS. As their connection with each other grows, the secrets they keep threaten to change everything. Will they finally trust one another enough to share? Find out in TANGLED VOWS.

Patti Fischer