Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston , Book 8
Harlequin Desire #2689
ISBN: 978-1-335-60391-3
October 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal & Houston, Texas – Present Day

Houston police detective Zoe Warren is investigating the murder of a man whose body was found at the construction site of the Houston branch of the Texas Cattleman's Club. As part of her investigation, she heads to Royal to talk to a man who left a threatening message for the dead man. However, when she arrives in town, Zoe discovers the man is unavailable, and his best friend, wealthy rancher Cord Galica, insists his friend is innocent. Zoe is instantly attracted to Cord, but wary because she doesn't quite trust him. But when Cord turns on the charm and asks her out to dinner, she accepts. After their intimate dinner in a restaurant, one thing leads to another, and they end up making love. Is it just a one-night stand, or will an affair that has no future be in store for them?

Zoe came to Royal with a mission but may leave with her heart broken in TANGLED WITH A TEXAN, the latest installment in the  Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston  series. After the man's body was found in the club's basement, his death is a mystery that has played throughout this series. Zoe is a dedicated police detective and values her skills at not letting her emotions get the best of her, but meeting Cord leaves her tilted in ways she's never experienced. She is aware that he is protective of his friend and is obviously charming her to throw her off the “hunt.” Yet she can't deny the attraction that burns hot between them. Is Zoe making a mistake by getting involved with Cord?

Cord thought he would distract Zoe by having a fling with her. It's not like he's looking for love after losing his fiancée two years ago. His late fiancée also was a cop in Houston, and he has no plans to fall in love with another cop. But the attraction he feels for Zoe seems different. She's smart, sharp-witted, and beautiful—and she fits like a glove in his life. All the while, Cord manipulates things to keep Zoe in town and tells himself that he's doing it to keep her away from his friend. How long will that last? Will she find out, and if so, how will she react?

TANGLED WITH A TEXAN is a sizzling tale of opposites attracting who soon find themselves wanting more than a fling. Cord has to deal with the pain of losing his fiancée and knowing that Zoe will never give up being a cop. Can they make it work out? Find out the answer to this, plus the intrigue that heats up in the search for the killer, in TANGLED WITH A TEXAN.

Patti Fischer