VENGEFUL VOWS  Yvonne Lindsay
Marriage at First Sight , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2658
ISBN: 978-1-335-60360-9
April 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Washington & Hawaii Present Day

Galen Horvath and Peyton Earnshaw have never met, but they're about to get married. He needs a wife to help him raise his orphaned ward, Ellie, and his grandmother convinced him to let her make a match via her  Match Made in Marriage  company. The moment Galen and Peyton meet, there is a flicker of attraction. Will a marriage in name only soon turn into a love match?

Peyton is carrying a secret that she can't let Galen know. At least, not right now. She is a reporter and is planning to write an investigative piece to expose Galen's grandmother and her matchmaking company as a fraud. Why is she doing this? Because Peyton is seeking revenge after her father lost his job with the Horvath company years ago. She blames Galen's grandmother for what happened and the ensuing hardship her family experienced. But once Peyton gets to know Galen and Ellie, it soon becomes harder to go through with her plan, even if doing so could help her father.

Galen went into the marriage believing that it was the right thing to do for Ellie's sake and that he could make do with a loveless marriage. But Peyton opens something inside him. He is soon wooing her because he wants her in his bed. There is something growing between them that looks a lot like love. Will trust also develop? Will Peyton confess to Galen the real reason why she recited wedding vows with him? As each day counts down, the harder it is for Peyton to not feel guilty for not only what she is doing, but how it will also hurt Ellie. By the end of VENGEFUL VOWS, Galen and Peyton will learn something stunning that might change everything for this little family of three.

VENGEFUL VOWS is part of the  Marriage at First Sight  series by Yvonne Lindsay about couples meeting for the first time just as they marry. Like the prior two stories in the series, this tale can easily be read as a standalone, because this is about the romance building between Galen and Peyton and how they resolve the issues that threaten to destroy their relationship. An emotional read from the first page to the end, be sure to pick up VENGEFUL VOWS.

Patti Fischer