LIKE LOVERS DO – Tracey Livesay
A Girls Trip Novel #2
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-297956-8
August 25, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Baltimore, Maryland & Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts – Present Day

Raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to support them, Dr. Nicole Allen is determined to not follow in her mother's path. Nic is about to complete her residency and has hopes of securing a prestigious fellowship at the place of her dreams in a few weeks' time. But after disciplining the son (also a resident) of the head of the hospital she's at, her fellowship is in jeopardy—unless she can get her landlord and friend, Benjamin Reed Van Mont, to get help for her from his mother, who is a top doctor at another hospital. Nic will do anything to get the job she wants as it's all that she's ever desired.

Ben is the black sheep of a wealthy, influential family based in New York City. His mother wanted him to go into the medical field, but he's content running his small financial planning company. Ben is invited to spend a few days at Martha's Vineyard with friends, but he learns that his ex will be there too. He needs to bring someone as his date, and Nic would be perfect. They are good friends, and she needs some help from him. A good tradeoff, right? But once they're on the island and sharing a bed, things begin to heat up between them.

Growing up and watching her mother work hard to just keep their little family afloat, Nic has forged her own path to success by becoming not only a doctor but specializing in the orthopedic surgery field. Getting the fellowship at Duke would allow her to realize her goals, but will the run-in with a fellow resident curtail her dreams? Nic has rented the basement apartment owned by Ben, but since he lives upstairs, the two have become good friends. After she learns about his problem, it is Nic who suggests she come along and pretend to be his girlfriend. Problem is, Ben has a little bit of a secret attraction to Nic. How is he going to manage to share a king-sized bed with her and pretend to be lovers while in the presence of his friends?

LIKE LOVERS DO is a best friends-to-lovers tale as Nic and Ben consider themselves friends first. After realizing they share a mutual attraction, both want to cross the threshold from friends to lovers, but how will it affect their friendship? Ben's parents are the type who are more interested in their careers and social standing than they are in their only child. His mother has a strong personality, and he tries to avoid her because he knows that he's a “disappointment” to her despite his success as a financial planner. Nic is strong-willed and on a path to success, and she can't let love—especially one that might force her to give up dream job—change her course. Will becoming lovers force Nic and Ben to think about a possible future together? Meanwhile, Nic is having to Sept? deal with being around Ben's ex, who is always making snide comments about how Nic isn't good enough for him. Ben doesn't help the issue because he is a nice guy and comes to his ex's defense, infuriating Nic.

Once I started reading LIKE LOVERS DO, I found it hard to put down. Nic pretty much knows what she wants, and nothing will stop her, but will love change things? She thought the man for her would be just like her, so finding out that she not only finds Ben fun as a friend but also desirable as a lover throws her for a loop. Will Ben and Nic each get what they want? Can they forge a future together? Pick up the delightful and insightful LIKE LOVERS DO to find out the answer.

Patti Fischer