TUMBLE – Adriana Locke
Dogwood Lane , Book 1
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978150395146
February 2019

Contemporary Romance

Dogwood Lane, Tennessee – Present Day

After losing out on a promotion at work to head a new venture and deciding to quit over it, sports journalist Neely Kimber heads to her hometown of Dogwood Lane for a few days of relaxation and reflection. She figures a visit will give her a chance to recharge as she applies for new jobs. Neely should've known she'd run into her high school sweetheart, Dane Madden, the man who broke her heart when she learned that he'd slept with—and gotten pregnant—another woman. It doesn't take long before Neely and Dane run into each other…

Dane feels bad that he hurt Neely, but things worked out for the best as she was determined to head to New York City for a career in journalism while his place was in Dogwood Lane. Neely doesn't realize it at first, but she meets Dane's daughter, Mia, immediately liking her. He's raising Mia alone after her mother abandoned them at her birth. Even after all these years, sparks still fly between Dane and Neely. But getting involved is the wrong thing to do as she's only there for a week and he doesn't want his daughter to grow attached to her. But their attraction has other ideas…

It's a reunion for Neely and Dane in TUMBLE, the first tale in Adriana Locke's new series,  Dogwood Lane . Life is much different for Neely in this small town, certainly not like the big city life that she's used to. Yet, it doesn't take long before she's settling in nicely as she reconnects with old friends—and her old love, Dane. All those years ago, Neely had big dreams and Dane didn't want to hold her back, so he broke up with her. Yes, he hates that he hurt her by getting involved with another woman, but maybe—at that time—ending things was the right thing to do. It turns out that those sizzling feelings they once had for each other never died. Can they make it work this time? What about Neely's career?

TUMBLE is a feelgood romance that readers will surely enjoy. Neely and Dane are both likable and each had their reasons for going their separate ways after high school. But for Dane, his daughter comes first, and he can see that Mia is already growing attached to Neely. Can he convince her to stay in Dogwood Lane? While she is around, Neely gets involved in the local gymnastics club (she's a former champion). Turns out Mia is as talented as the young Neely was. Soon, Dane, Neely, and Mia are almost like a family. Is there heartbreak for someone about to happen?

Told from the first-person point of view of both Neely and Dane, TUMBLE is for readers who love a tale of reunited lovers with a bit of sensuality.

Patti Fischer