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A Royal Match , Book 3
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-49822-9
May 2023
Historical Romance

London - 1870

Miss Harriet (Hattie) Woodchurch was lucky to get a scholarship at the Iddesleigh School for Exceptional Girls despite not having the social connections of the other girls. Her roommate from school, Flora, and Flora's friend, Queenie, are daughters of wealth and titles, but the girls, now grown, are still steadfast friends. In fact, Flora's father essentially pays Hattie a small fee to accompany his daughter around London. It is while the three are out together that they learn of the arrival in the city of the latest highly eligible bachelor, the new Viscount Abbott, who is also the Duke of Santiava, a small country near Spain. His English mother's father died leaving him as the only heir. Hattie is not as excited as her two friends, for she is already engaged. But when Flora reveals to her that her intended wants to beg off and not marry her, Hattie is devastated.

Mateo Vincente, the new Viscount Abbott, is not happy about his new title. The fact that he had to leave his beloved home, Castillo Estrella, and come to the crowded, noisy London has left him feeling angry and frustrated. He is, by choice, a man who prefers solitude, peace, quiet, and he loves to bake! But here in London, he cannot allow anyone to know the latter, and his mother is determined that he find a suitable English bride. With the ton in a tizzy to present Mateo with a string of young women, he is overwhelmed with invitations. Because he's not comfortable writing in English, he will need a scribe to reply to the many letters.

Hattie wants nothing more than to escape the insanity of her home. Her father, a businessman, is miserly, only allowing Hattie to wear the hand-me-down gowns from her mother. Mrs. Woodchurch is a collector - of grandfather clocks, tea services, and cats. The two younger brothers, who are twins, are completely out of control, and Hattie's older brother, Daniel has as little to do with his family as possible, except to collect his allowance. But now, with her engagement off, life seems to be against her, that is until Lord Iddesleigh sets her up as the new viscount's clerk to answer his correspondence.

Mateo is not used to socializing, and his quiet demeanor makes Hattie somewhat uncomfortable. Her reaction is to talk more than necessary, just because she doesn't know how else to respond to the handsome man! Mateo actually is surprised at how upfront   Hattie is, and how refreshing that is. Soon the two are working as a team, and Hattie is trying very hard not to fall for the kind, quiet Mateo.

THE VISCOUNT WHO VEXED ME is book three in the Royal Match series. The unlikely combination of Hattie and Mateo is the basis of this latest novel. Mateo is more down to earth than most of his class, and his wants are simple. Hattie has struggled all of her life to do the right thing, to appreciate her education, and to get out of the unconventional household where she lives. But what will happen when the viscount finds his bride? Where does that leave Hattie

A sweet story set in the Victorian era where women had few choices, and men controlled their futures, can Hattie break out of her situation? Don't miss THE VISCOUNT WHO VEXED ME.

Jani Brooks

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