BAD BACHELOR – Stefanie London
Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN-13:   978-1-492-65517-6
March 2018
Contemporary Romance

New York, New York – Present Day

The women in New York need a different way to find Mr. Right, and the new, free Bad Bachelors app is sure to be a hit.  Merely leave a review of every man you go out with and you can avoid the players, and maybe find a nice guy who just didn't work out with someone else, or encourage you to connect with someone you never thought of.  Soon everyone in New York is avidly reading Bad Bachelors, and then there is a profile of the bachelor to be avoided at all costs; the worst-rated bachelor ever—Reed McMahon, PR guru.

All of Reed's friends have told him about the new app, but he dismisses it as just a flash in the pan. Regrettably, he's named worst bachelor, because he likes to sleep with women with no emotions involved.  Unfortunately, one of the other partners says clients are dropping their company because of his reputation and he better do something about it.  Then he is volunteered to help a library with a fund raising project by his assistant, and meets the weirdest woman he's ever met, Darcy Greer.  As the librarian, she has full sleeve ink, a tongue piercing, and who knows what else.  With her vintage tee shirts and combat boots, Darcy is nothing like the women that usually interest Reed.  But yes, Darcy knows of his reputation via Bad Bachelors, and it makes it hard for Reed to get along with her because of her preconceived ideas about him.

Darcy and her friends, Annie and Remi, celebrate the one year anniversary of Darcy's almost marriage by going to a paint ball facility in their wedding finery and getting the results captured on film.  The day before her wedding she caught her husband-to-be kissing another man, and despite her mother's urging, she called off the wedding.  Now all her mother wants to know is when she's getting married.  Mom should talk, she won't even tell her who her father is, and Darcy's stepfather avoids her as much as possible.  It's a good thing her friends rallied around her after the wedding nightmare, but Darcy still hasn't gotten back in the dating game.  When she meets Reed, she recognizes his reputation on Bad Bachelors and he is way more used to sophisticated things in life, and her small library fund raiser is nothing for him.  Despite warning herself, Darcy and Reed end up in bed, but Darcy desperately wants to avoid letting her friends know, after all they all laughed over his ratings in the app and said he would be one bachelor to avoid.

Secondary characters are Darcy's friends Remi and Annie, one of whom has a dark secret.  Darcy's mother makes Darcy depressed when she always brings up getting married.  Reed's father, Adam, has about smoked himself to death for the past fifteen years since his wife and Reed's mother left them both.  Now he won't take care of his health and resists any help.  Supporting his father is Reed's reason for continuing his job at the PR firm.

In this day of social media, the Bad Bachelors app is a cute idea, and is really trying to help women open up to new possibilities and avoid those that are not looking for a connection.  Darcy and Reed are flawed by their relationships with their mother and father respectively, and it is only through their connection that they try to get closer to them and have better relationships with them.  A cute and modern story, BAD BACHELOR will tickle your funny bone, but there is a serious note as Darcy and Reed learn to trust and take a chance on each other.  You should quickly pick up BAD BACHELOR and enjoy every minute of the read this month.

Carolyn Crisher