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Paws in the City, Book 3
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-49821-2
August 1, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Upstate New York – Present Day

August Merriweather is known as Manhattan’s Dog Whisperer as she is a high in demand pet groomer. Her best friend, Leah, has MS and a gorgeous husky named Molly. Leah has the bright idea to enter Molly into an animal actor contest, but just before she is due to leave for the competition in upstate New York, her MS acts up. She asks her brother, Keaton Sax, and August to take Molly to the competition, which will take place over several days. Both are devoted to Leah and will do anything for her, even if the two do not get along personally and Molly the dog doesn’t like Keaton. When Keaton and August arrive late at night at the retreat where it’s being held, they discover that they will be sharing the same cabin—with one bed.

August has been attracted to Keaton for years, but he rejected her and instead, married another woman. He’s now widowed and makes it clear that he never plans to marry again. His relationship with August is stilted at best, so how can they possibly share the same cabin? But they are there for Leah’s sake, so they carry on, even as an attraction soon develops between them. However, this attraction can lead them nowhere because Keaton is not looking for a committed relationship and rarely dates. August, on the other hand, wants to find love and a ring on her finger. 

August has had the worst luck when it comes to dating. She uses online dating sites, but the men have been awful. Turns out her latest date is someone Keaton used to work with, and he has bad news for her when he finds out. The man was an opportunist and Keaton can’t see how he hasn’t changed, even when it comes to dating women. Of course, once he gives August his advice on the man, her feathers are ruffled. Is he trying to ruin her love life, and if so, why? Even as they argue over this issue, they participate in the competition. Molly proves to be a diva and it drives Keaton nuts. During their efforts to work with the dog, Keaton and August realize that their attraction can’t be denied and decide to have sex. Will this be a one-time fling, or can they expand on their feelings once they return to New York City?

Keaton is one of Wall Street’s hottest capitalists, but he is currently at odds with his employer, a man he thinks of as a father. His company wants to buy another company and plans to use dirt to reduce the selling price. Keaton feels guilty for being part of the dirty tricks campaign, but his boss won’t listen to him. During his time spent with August and Molly, he is dealing with his conscience. Meanwhile, August isn’t happy that he is badmouthing her newest date and accuses him of deliberately sabotaging her love life. Is she right, or is there more to it than they both realize? 

There are plenty of laugh-out antics in CONFESSIONS OF A CANINE DRAMA QUEEN. The title refers to the dog, Molly, who is as uppity as one can get. The dog must cooperate with Keaton in the contest, but he is having bad luck so far. All the while, Keaton and August are dealing with their feelings for each other. By the time the contest is over, will Molly be the winner, and will our couple be in love? You can find out the answer by grabbing a copy of CONFESSIONS OF A CANINE DRAMA QUEEN.

Patti Fischer

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