FOR YOU & NO ONE ELSE – Roni Loren
Say Everything , Book 3
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-4926-9328-4
July 5, 2022

Contemporary Romance

New Orleans, Louisiana – Present Day

Eliza Catalano loves her job and her life, but the one thing missing is a man in her life to share it with. She is a psychiatrist, so it isn’t easy finding a man who is willing to date her and not wonder if she is psychoanalyzing him. After spending Christmas alone, Eliza finally resorts to signing up on a dating app, which gives her all kinds of options. She works in a building that shares office space with other companies. The office near hers is rented by tech guru Beck Carter, who pretty much keeps to himself, until Christmas Day when they come face to face, both working on the holiday. Beck ends up going with Eliza to the humane society where she plans to adopt a dog. It’s successful, but Beck also ends up with a cat adopting him. Later, Eliza swipes on the dating app, which turns out to be a date from hell. After escaping the date, she arrives at the office drunk, and it’s Beck who helps rescue her from a potential career ending crisis. Her plan to get through it is to swear off all social media use. For someone who has built her career off social media, can she do it?

Beck is intrigued by Eliza, but he can’t afford to get romantically involved with anyone. He has hidden his past from people, and he isn’t yet ready to share it with Eliza. After he helps her with cleaning up from her date from hell, Beck suggests that she attend a get-together with him, one that focuses on shutting off social media. She agrees to go, and soon, their budding friendship turns into something more. Will Beck finally share with Eliza the details about his past? Eliza is looking for love and a potential future partner, but he’s not planning to marry…again Will she end up with a broken heart?

If you’ve ever sat around feeling lonely during a holiday, then you can relate to the characters in FOR YOU & NO ONE ELSE. To people around her, Eliza appears to have it all. But her dating life is in the toilet and all she wants is one good man to date. Her latest date turned out to be smarmy and got her drunk. It’s clear to readers that if she’d gone home with him, things would’ve ended horribly for her. Then the date puts a secret recording of her—drunk—on the internet, and the rest is history. Thankfully, Beck was there to erase all evidence of the video. But was it legal what he did? Turns out he has hacking skills. Where did he learn how to do that? It is all in the past that he keeps well hidden, one the readers will slowly learn about. Beck and Eliza are enjoying their friends with benefits relationship, but do they want more?

FOR YOU & NO ONE ELSE will wring out emotion from you as you begin to understand Beck’s past, as well as what Eliza is going through. He is good for her, but he feels as though he is damaged goods. Trust will have to be built between them, as well as learning to put the past behind them. Their romance is up and down, which is to be expected from a couple not looking for love with each other. But FOR YOU & NO ONE ELSE is a tale you should not miss. Be sure to put this on your book shopping list.

Patti Fischer

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