THE ONE FOR YOU – Roni Loren
The Ones Who Got Away , Book 4
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1492693192
January 2020
Contemporary Romance

Long Acre, Texas – Present Day

Kincaid Breslin and Ashton Isaacs were best friends in high school, but their friendship—and lives—were shattered one fateful night. During their high school senior prom, a group of fellow students entered the school and shot several students, leaving multiple dead. Kincaid should have been one of them killed, but due to Ash, she was saved. Alas, Kincaid's boyfriend, Graham, was killed. She doesn't remember all that happened, but Ash does. And that is why he left town shortly thereafter…

It's present day and Kincaid, now a real estate agent, just bought a rundown house which she plans to turn into a bed and breakfast—if she can get the funds to do so. She is requested by Graham's parents to help put their old bookstore into shape to get it ready to sell. She stops by and discovers someone in the upstairs apartment. To Kincaid's surprise, it's Ash. He is now a bestselling author and has returned to Long Acre as he's in between book advances and needs a place to stay and was offered the use of the bookstore's upstairs apartment. Like Kincaid, Ash is asked to help spruce up the bookstore so that it can be sold. He agrees, knowing that it will bring him into close contact with Kincaid…the woman he's loved since they were teenagers.

Ash always had an unrequited love for Kincaid and had to stand back while she fell in love with Graham. He was too shy to tell her the truth, yet he had no issues putting his feelings into words in a journal. Graham found out about Ash's love for Kincaid and forced him to use one of the love letters and sign Graham's name to it. After what happened the night of the school shooting, Ash felt guilty because he could've saved Kincaid's despair. I won't give away the why and how in THE ONE FOR YOU, because that would be giving away spoilers. However, it will make you weep for the young couple.

Ash's childhood wasn't pleasant—despite outward appearances—and he couldn't wait until he was able to leave home. He wished he could've had Kincaid by his side, but after Graham's death, she had put her late boyfriend on a pedestal. Ash couldn't bear to tell her the truth about the man she loved. Meanwhile, Kincaid has yet to find Mr. Right. Is it because she still thinks Graham was her perfect man and no one can replace him? The reunion between Kincaid and Ash is bittersweet at first. He holds back a lot about himself, but slowly, Kincaid draws him out. They're falling in love, yet neither sees a future that would include each other.

THE ONE FOR YOU is the fourth book in The Ones Who Got Away series by Roni Loren about four of the female survivors of a school shooting. In this tale, we get closure for all four women, and readers will walk away as happy and satisfied as the characters are. Kincaid and Ash prove that you can go back in time and find love and happiness for your future. Sometimes, the one you love is standing right in front of you all this time. Grab a hanky and settle down with THE ONE FOR YOU and be prepared to enjoy this tale.

Patti Fischer