The Ones Who Got Away , Book 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1492651437
June 2018
Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

As one of the survivors of the Long Acre deadly school shooting fifteen years ago, lawyer Rebecca Lindt still lives with the nightmares from that terrible night. While she has built a successful career in her father's law firm and most people think she is as cold as ice, deep down she feels guilty for having survived the shooting. One night while walking home, Rebecca is mugged and a gun is brandished, bringing forth bad memories for her of the school shooting years ago. But a stray dog and a passerby, Wes Garrett, help save her, though the dog is shot. Wes and Rebecca rush the dog to a vet to save it and it's there that she recognizes him: she'd represented his ex in an ugly divorce case.

Wes just happened to be walking by when he heard the dog barking and saw a thug bending over a prone woman. After rescuing Rebecca (and the dog), he becomes protective as it appears she continues to need his help. There is also a sizzling awareness between them. Rebecca appears to be way out of Wes's league, but sexual attraction knows no social boundaries. When Wes learns who Rebecca really is, he's stunned. But there's no denying the passion sizzles between them. Can there be any future for them?

Roni Loren brings readers back to the group of friends who share one thing in common: they all survived the Long Acre school shooting years ago. It was the night of the prom and it should've been a joyous celebration for the high schoolers but it ends tragically when a group of fellow students who were ridiculed by others crash the party and killed several. Rebecca was shot in her legs and survived, but she feels guilt over her actions before the shooting started. Are her feelings justified? This has led her to mostly avoid romantic entanglements but Wes has her thinking about changing her tune.

Wes hasn't had a great life. It seems whenever he's ready to make something of himself, he experiences a setback. This includes his divorce, where his ex deliberately set up him up to make it appear he was the bad guy and he ended up losing all the money he'd saved to open his own restaurant. Now forced to teach cooking to disadvantaged youths, he wonders if he'll ever get back on his feet. Luckily in THE ONE YOU CAN'T FORGET, Wes finally gets a chance to explain the truth about his ex to Rebecca and she apologizes for her inadvertent role. He could've turned and walked away from her because there's no chance of a future with her, but he sticks it out. Will they find love…and a happily-ever-after?

In light of the recent school shootings, THE ONE YOU CAN'T FORGET might be a difficult book for readers. But this is a romance and I'll guarantee that by the end, you'll be smiling. This tale proves there can be a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Watch Wes and Rebecca fall in love, then fight to keep each other in THE ONE YOU CAN'T FORGET. An unforgettable tale you won't want to put down, grab a copy today. P.S. The dog ends up happily-ever-after too.

Patti Fischer