WHAT IF YOU & ME – Roni Loren
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-4926-9325-3
July 6, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Andi Lockley is a horror crime author and hosts a podcast called What Can We Learn From This? , which is about true crime cases. She writes at night and recently moved into a duplex. Her next-door neighbor (whom she's dubbed “werewolf”) is active at night. One night, while watching a horror film, another passion of hers, there is a loud bang on her door. The doorknocker claims he is with the fire department. While Andi inwardly questions whether the man is really a fireman, she does open the door—and comes face-to-face with her next-door neighbor. Seems he heard some loud screams and came to rescue her. Andi explains to him that it was on the movie she was watching.

Hill Dawson is a former firefighter, but after being disabled in a firefighting accident, he is trying to build a new life. He owns the duplex but has left the management to a company, so Andi isn't aware that he is the owner. Hill often has nightmares of his accident, which is why he is up late into the night. But hearing the screams has his protective instincts kicking in. Finding out she is okay should relieve him, but after she comes screaming to his door a few nights later, he is indeed now her protector. Andi found her backdoor wide open, and she insists that she locked it. She was terrorized as a young woman and her PTSD is kicking in. A big question remains: is she imagining that someone broke into her place? Meanwhile, Andi gets to know Hill…really well.

In WHAT IF YOU & ME, Hill and Andi find a mutual attraction after sparks fly between them.  Hill was severely injured in an accident that left him scarred and his lower leg missing. For this reason, he has kept to himself. In fact, he didn't introduce himself to his new next-door neighbor. But all that changes when he hears screams coming from Andi's apartment. While he tries to keep her at arm's length at first, he discovers that he finds her attractive.  As for the incident where her door is found open, Hill believes Andi isn't hallucinating. She's too smart. Unfortunately, the responding police officer happens to be Hill's ex-fiancée. Things are awkward—at first.

Andi's podcast and books do attract odd people, mostly those who leave nasty comments under her posts. She brushes it off as just some online trolls, but did one of them decide to take things into their own hands? Andi still has nightmares about the man who terrorized her years ago—turns out she slept with a serial killer. The connection between Hill and Andi runs deep. She introduces him to her horror movie collection while Hill, who is a great cook, brings her wonderful food. Their friendship soon turns into an affair, but neither can see it going beyond a fling. Yet, the threat that hovers over Andi brings them even closer. Is it a legitimate threat or a figment of her imagination?

There is a mixture of both fun and tense moments in WHAT IF YOU & ME. Hill and Andi have a slam-bang introduction that is cute. Slowly and surely, two people who have a hard time opening up about themselves soon develop a trust. Will they find love? Discover the answer by picking up a copy of WHAT IF YOU & ME.

Patti Fischer