THE WRONG MR. DARCY – Evelyn Lozada, with Holly Lorincz
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250622143
August 25, 2020
Romantic Comedy

Boston – Present Day

Hara Isari is a reporter for a small newspaper in Oregon, but her goal is to be a sportswriter at a bigtime newspaper. She enters a contest to for a chance to interview pro-basketball superstar Charles Butler, a player who is normally media shy. She hopes to use the published interview to be noticed by major publications. Hara flies to Boston to attend a game, and then afterward, she will have an opportunity to be alone with Charles to interview him. One of the first players she encounters is Derek Darcy, who is not only teammates with Charles but also his best friend. Derek isn't friendly at all with Hara, which annoys her. Why should she care?

Derek recently learned something about Charles that would be a huge scandal if it comes out. He is afraid that Hara is looking for something juicier than a simple interview with his best friend, so he tries to warn her off. However, one thing after another has Hara digging her heels in. Derek and Hara continue to do battle, which takes their love-hate relationship to another level. Will she find out what is going on, or will the truth continue to be hidden? Or is there something else going on that neither is aware of?

THE WRONG MR. DARCY is more of a dramedy than straight comedy because there are underlying elements of danger that lurks in the background. Hara didn't go to Boston to be an investigative reporter; her plan was to complete the interview with Charles and hope it goes viral enough to capture the attention of editors. But after accidentally overhearing a conversation that really isn't what she thinks it is, she is soon on a mission to find out what is going on. Derek only wants to protect his friend, yet he may not have much of an option because the owner of the team is putting additional pressure on him in other ways. What is going on?

Readers get an inside look at the sport of basketball and sports journalism in THE WRONG MR. DARCY. Hara has a complicated relationship with her parents: her father is in prison and her mother wants her to forget journalism and marry a rich man. Her mother thinks hanging out with the rich in Boston is just the way to do it. Hara has her own goals—and marriage is not one of them. As she delves into trying to find out what is going on, danger lurks on the horizon. Hara becomes friends with a woman who is in love with Charles, and after a historic Nor'easter hits Boston and delays her flight out, it is her new friend that offers her a place to stay. Things then really begin to spiral out of her control and this tale takes off.

If you love a good sports romance that is part comedy and part drama, then don't miss THE WRONG MR. DARCY.

Patti Fischer