Matchmaker in Wonderland Series, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-101-99068-1
January 2017
Contemporary Romance

Around the world - Present Day

Paulie's dad has always been overprotective, and at 29, she's ready to spread her wings and actually do something with her life. Jumping at the opportunity to join a cross-continental race for a reality show, Paulie doesn't care what she has to do as long as she gets a bit of freedom—even if that means dressing up in early 1900's period clothing. This modern day reality show is following the trail of a famous vintage race from 1908, and Paulie can't wait to join team Sufferin' Suffragettes!

It's not that Dixon minds his job working on his brother's estate, it's just that it isn't very exciting. And just maybe, he was using it as a way to hide away from the world. But with the urging of his siblings, Dixon agrees to join the reality show, if only to get up close and personal with all the vintage cars. But as time goes on, it isn't the cars that keep Dixon enthralled, it's Paulie. And when the executives on the show find out about their little off-screen romance, there's a plan to bring it on-screen, with a fake wedding. And considering his growing feelings for Paulie, he's not about to let this opportunity to play husband and wife go by.

Katie MacAlister can pull off humor like no other. Despite the crazy situations her characters manage to get themselves into, instead of seeming ridiculous and over-the-top, it becomes just plain fun. Paulie and Dixon are perfect together, and it is a laugh-out-loud adventure watching these two traverse not only the perils of love, but the zany antics of the fellow race contestants.

With corset troubles, a hunky man wearing driving goggles, a stormtrooper pushing a dog in a baby carriage, and an unfortunate incident involving a toe getting stuck in faucet, THE PERILS OF PAULIE is a laugh-riot that you will not want to miss!

THE PERILS OF PAULIE is the fourth book in the Matchmaker in Wonderland series, following DARING IN A BLUE DRESS (June 2016). Like the previous books in the series, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ALICE (January 2015) and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S ROMP (May 2015), each book can be read as a stand-alone.

Amanda Toth