Ballantine (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 978-0-553-39169-5
October 2015
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California to Seattle, Washington Present Day

Graduate student Ashley Davison receives an unexpected Christmas blessing when her boss decides to close the diner for the holidays.  The first thing she does is rush to the airport hoping to catch a fight to Seattle for a visit with her mother.  Unfortunately, all the flights north are booked.

Former Army Intelligence officer Dashiell Sutherland is on his way to Seattle for a job interview.  Unable to book a flight at this last minute, he rushes across the airport to the car rental agency, only to discover that the pretty young woman from the airline queue is once again in front of him.  And, as luck will have it, there is only one car available.  With a flash of inspiration, he offers to pay for all the driving expenses if they share the car, and he will drive them both to Seattle.  As Ashley and Dash leave the airport parking lot, they are surprised by a long line of flashing red lights and police cars speeding into the terminal.

Setting out for the almost eighteen hour drive, Dash and Ashley struggle through a battle of wills as they start off arguing, then slowly become friends.  Dash has no intention of stopping overnight, but driving eight hundred miles means there are going to be bathroom and food breaks along the way.  And remember that line of police cars and red lights?  Well, it turns out that Ashley has been mistaken for a terrorist, and now, unknown to either Ashley or Dash, the FBI is hot on their trail.

DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW is a delightful Christmas story!  Ms. Macomber has written another wonderful and heartwarming tale of romance and warm fuzzy feelings. Sparkling characters, which include a rag tag abandoned puppy, add to the magic.

DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW is full of fun, laughter, and love.  It's a great gift for everyone!

Diana Risso