FAMILY AFFAIR Debbie Macomber
ISBN: 978-0-06-199713-6
July 2012 (Reissue)
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California Present Day

Lacey Lancaster is still recovering from an excruciating divorce.  Her ex-husband used her and basically walked all over her, so much so that Lacey was left so self-conscious that every evening she retreats into her apartment with only her purebred Abyssinian cat, Cleo, for company.

Lacey's time at home is spent trying to tune out the arguments from next door.  Her neighbor, Jack Walker, is continually arguing with his girlfriend, Sarah.  Lacey can hear every word of their shouting through her paper thin walls.  And, adding more stress to her life, she just discovered that Cleo is in heat!  Lacey was planning to mate Cleo with another carefully selected purebred Abyssinian.  Selling Cleo's kittens would be easier than finding the courage to ask her boss for a raise.  But all it takes to ruin that plan is one open door and Jack's scruffy cat named Dog.

Lacey is outraged!  Jack's cat has ruined Cleo, but never mind that, what about the vet bills?  As far as Lacey is concerned, Cleo's condition and the bills that ensue from it are Jack's responsibility!

Cleo's pregnancy brings Jack and Lacey into a FAMILY AFFAIR.  Lacey is tired of men walking all over her.  First her ex, then her boss, who avoids the subject of her long overdue raise like the plague, and now Jack, who just asked her for a date!  She ditched one philandering man, and here's Jack Walker, asking her out the minute Sarah's back is turned!

FAMILY AFFAIR was first published in 1994.  It's a story of true romance at its best!

Diana Risso

Editor's note: This edition of FAMILY AFFAIR is chock full of treats that include notes from the author, excerpts from several favorite works by Ms. Macomber, recipes for treats for your kitty, and a fun novella that won a contest to be included in the book. Out of many entries, The Bet , by a fresh voice in romance fiction, took first place. See the author's website at .

The Bet Darlene Panzera
On the eastern slopes of Washington State's Cascade Mountains is a small town with a busy place called the Bets and Burgers Caf é where the denizens amuse themselves by placing wagers on anything and everything. This time they've gone too far for Jenny O'Brien. Jenny is about to lose her ranch to foreclosure if she doesn't come up with some serious cash. Wagers are flying as who can win Jenny's hand in marriage. It seems they've discovered there might be a long lost gold mine on the ranch. The many contenders for Jenny and the gold are joined by a handsome stranger with reasons of his own for wanting Jenny's land.

Jane Bowers