MERRY AND BRIGHT - Debbie Macomber
Ballantine (Hardcover)
ISBN:  978-0-39918-122-1
October 2017
Holiday Romance

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

Merry Knight is temporarily working at the firm of Matterson Consulting while she saves money for her college tuition.  She lives at home with her parents and her brother, eighteen-year-old Patrick, who has Down's syndrome.  Tonight, after the third straight day of overtime, Merry arrives home to a surprise:  an early birthday present.  Patrick and her mother, Robin, have created an on-line profile for Merry on an internet dating site!

Merry has had an especially hard day.  Her boss, Jayson Bright, seems to always catch her out at her desk, and even though she is talking on her cell phone on her own time, Mr. Bright is a stickler for rules, and he's a churlish boss.  Rumor has it that he's in line to take over as company president when his uncle retires. So between the stress of her job, the long hours, and her boss, Merry has had a very long day and she's especially tired.  Dating, especially on-line, is the lowest of her priorities, but this early birthday gift means so much to Patrick; he's so happy, and she just cannot disappoint him.

Jayson Bright is driven.  He promised his uncle that he would bring in their latest project by Christmas.  He cannot fail; his future is at stake.  Working twelve hours every day without breaks makes for a brutal lifestyle, but tonight, while relaxing over a glass of wine with his best friend, Jayson learns that Cooper has found the woman of his dreams on an internet dating site!  Curious, Jayson later checks out the Mix & Mingle site.  As he scrolls through the photographs of potential dates, he finds one woman who is different.  Her name is Merry Smith, and her profile picture is that of a golden retriever.  So he signs up.

MERRY AND BRIGHT:  Merry Knight and Jayson Bright are meant to be!  (I absolutely love this title!)  By day, Merry toils away at Matterson Consulting where Jason knows her as Mary Knight, (Mary spelled with an A and one R).  At work, Jayson gives the impression of the surly and strict boss.  By night on the Mix & Mingle site, he becomes just plain Jay, and as he begins chatting with Merry Smith, they begin to develop an on-line friendship, both unaware of their real identities.  Is there an unlikely romance in the works?  Should they meet face to face?

MERRY AND BRIGHT is a fun and romantic story just in time for the holidays.  The pages are filled with lots of super-charged characters, romance, laughter, and surprises as Merry and Jayson's story unfolds.  I adore all of Ms. Macomber's books, especially her Christmas holiday novels, and it is difficult to write a review without giving too much away, so go out and grab a copy of MERRY AND BRIGHT and discover all the sparkling little details of Merry and Jayson's romance for yourself. 

Do not miss this fabulous story!

Diana Risso