STARTING NOW Debbie Macomber
Blossom Street Series , Book 10
ISBN-13: 978-0-345-53353-1
April 2013
Contemporary Romance

Seattle, Washington Present Day

Attorney Libby Morgan has it all.  On a self-imposed eight-year partnership track with the law firm where she currently works, Libby is in her sixth year and confident she will make partner soon.  But when her boss calls her into his office, it is not to promote her, but to give her walking papers.  The economy has forced the partners at Burkhart, Smith and Crandall to cut expenses.  Libby is shocked.  She gave up a marriage and most of her personal life to devote herself to this firm, and now, it's all been for naught.  That very same day she's on the phone to other attorneys who previously begged her to leave Burkhart, Smith and Crandall, but suddenly no one is hiring.

Two months later, the only thing Libby has to show for her efforts is an additional ten pounds and a determination to keep up with her best friend Robin while they walk treadmills. Robin encourages her to apply for a civil service job; as a city attorney the pay isn't great, but at least it pays the bills.  Libby resists, but still, Robin promises to see if she can pull some strings in personnel, but first, she has to make a stop at the local yarn shop and talks Libby into checking the store out.

This brings up memories for Libby.  Years ago, Libby's mother used to knit, and she fondly remembers the calmness she experienced when she gave the hobby a try.  So, one day, she wanders into a local yarn store on Blossom Street.  She just wants to see.  In her old life at the firm, she never had time for such nonsense.  But now, knitting might keep her hands out of the cookie jar!

Libby's new life is STARTING NOW that she's brave enough to walk into Lydia Goetz's yarn store.  There, she meets Lydia and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Casey, and Casey's friend, Ava.  What develops are new experiences for Libby as she begins to learn to knit again.  Soon after, when Libby, Casey and Ava visit a local hospital, they are introduced to Dr. Phillip Stone.  At first, Libby is taken aback by the brusque doctor.  But when he pulls her aside with serious concerns about the girls, Libby's future changes in a heartbeat.

STARTING NOW is a page turner!  Once Libby begins to shake off the chains of being tied to her professional life, she starts to knit and meets new friends.  It isn't long before she and Phillip begin a friendship that just might lead to romance.  The lack of a job still gets to her, but Libby finds out she doesn't really miss the long days and stresses of her old job.  Still, she has to work to pay the bills.  Her severance pay won't last forever, so she must somehow figure out what she can do to get her life back on track.

STARTING NOW is one book you will not want to miss!

Diana Risso