HOPE ON THE RANGE – Cindi Madsen
A Turn Around Ranch Novel , Book 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
June 29, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Colorado – Present Day

Brady Dawson, along with his family, runs the Turn Around Ranch which helps disadvantaged kids. It keeps him busy, but not enough so that he can't spend time with his best friend and neighbor, Tanya Greer. Brady wants to keep his relationship with Tanya as friends only, so he hasn't tried to make any moves on her. But one day, she starts to make the moves on him. Should he take her up on the offer to go beyond friendship?

Tanya has secretly been attracted to Brady for years, but he's refused to look at her as nothing more than as his best friend. Using a book she bought online, she uses its tricks to catch Brady's attention. At first, it doesn't work, but soon they're kissing…hotly. Has the dam broken? Will their friendship turn into a romance? What if it ends in a disaster?

Teenager Harlow is getting ready for the upcoming rodeo by training for the barrel racing competition. She lost her partner recently, so could use another one. She is attracted to a boy who was recently sent to the Turn Around Ranch after he got into some trouble. Maddox is sullen and not so friendly, yet Harlow seems to get him to talk to her. He is the bad boy that Harlow's mother would no doubt warn her away from. But Harlow asks Maddox to be her partner, and he agrees. It means working closely together as she trains him. Will their budding friendship turn into something more?

Welcome back to the Turn Around Ranch, a place that helps kids turn into responsible adults. Hard work and a good attitude are a must. There is plenty of good-natured banter between Brady and his family in HOPE ON THE RANGE as they all work together to build the ranch into something bigger and better. Tanya and her family have a dude ranch, which is a nice neighboring ranch to complement the Dawson family's. However, Tanya feels somewhat stifled because she wants to expand her family's ranch and they won't take her ideas seriously. Is it time to move out and on her own? What about her attraction to Brady?

In HOPE ON THE RANGE, there are a lot of characters, too many to have me list by name, but they are the family and friends of Brady and Tanya. Everyone likes to poke fun at Brady and Tanya, though they try to keep their friendship that turns to romps in the hay from everyone in hopes they won't find out. Which is hard to do when they get caught in the barn making out. HOPE ON THE RANGE is a fun and entertaining novel that will tickle your fancy while leaving you satisfied. Will everyone be happy by the end of this tale? Grab a copy and find out!

Patti Fischer