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The Carolina Girls series
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-43065-6
May 23, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Magnolia, North Carolina – Present Day

Three women that are each going through some difficult times find support and comfort together. While their lives were decidedly different before they met, they will soon mesh as if they’d known each other forever. 

Annalise Haverford was part of the elite social circle where the families have maids and never worry about money. She has fallen from grace as her now ex-husband turned out to be a crook. He is in prison but it’s Annalise who is dealing with the fallout as she tries to raise her children and explain to them why they now have to pinch pennies. They’ve moved into an apartment owned by single mom Shauna Myer and the downstairs neighbor is art schoolteacher Meghan Banks. The three women have barely known each other before, but they’re soon sharing margaritas and confidences on Shauna’s front porch. Meanwhile, Annalise starts a housekeeping job at the home of Country Western superstar singer Walker Calloway. The guy’s manager and friend, Jack, rubs Annalise wrong. But could it be because she’s attracted to him?

Shauna grew up in the foster care system, which is why she trusts so few people. The one person she trusts in Magnolia is Declan, the uncle of her twin boys. Shauna had a one-night stand with Declan’s brother, Flynn, which resulted in the boys. She hasn’t seen Flynn since—until he rolls back into town. Once he sees the boys, he wants to be their father and part of their life. But Shauna isn’t sure she wants that to happen. 

Meghan recently lost her beloved grandmother and has settled into her new apartment nicely. But now she’s been informed by the school principal that her job is being cut. Does the fact that she turned him down for a date have anything to do with it? Her new friends, Annalise, and Shauna, come up with an idea to hold a benefit to fund the art program at the school. All they need is a top draw, and it is Walker that Annalise asks to perform. Meghan soon discovers that he is a big supporter of the arts and is stunned when he offers to step in to take over the music teaching at her school after the current teacher quits. Meghan is shy, but there’s no denying the feelings she’s having for Walker. 

All three women are feeling down in the dumps as THE FRONT PORCH CLUB opens. For Annalise, the fall from a lofty position as part of the elites has been difficult and she tries to hide her pain from her two children. People she once considered friends want nothing to do with her. With the return of Flynn to Magnolia, Shauna fears that he will force his way into her family’s lives—until he feels the need to leave again. She can’t face that abandonment again. Meghan is slowly adjusting to being alone but now she faces not having a job. She loves Magnolia and doesn’t want to leave. 

THE FRONT PORCH CLUB is an emotional read that will tug at your heartstrings. While the women are going through difficult times, they lean on each other. Annalise, Shauna, and Meghan have never had friends like this before. The entrance of men—potential love interests—into their lives has them unsure of what to do as they fear getting hurt again. Call it a lack of trust and being betrayed in the past that has them taking baby steps. Will they each find love and happiness by the end of THE FRONT PORCH CLUB? A compelling and heartwarming read, don’t miss this tale.

Patti Fischer

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